Gravity bong. a device that concentrates marijuana smoke to a degree that leaves you stupid high after taking 1 hit.
man we had 3 heads on a nick so we had to break out the gb..
by p April 22, 2003
Gay Boys - a forever lasting clique of awesome guys who play madden, gamble at HP, eat el chato, and most importantly, suck dick (see word SD)
Normal person: Dude, let's go hit on some girls on main street, maybe makai or barcopa
GB2: Nah, I am going home to jerk off , play madden and sleep
GB3: Down to get on madden
Normal person: You guys are true GBs
by GBVB, LLC February 10, 2017
"gb" simply means "goodbye"
No, it doesn't mean "gay boy" and it doesn't mean "gbone". It's just an abbreviation of goodbye. so be aware that if someone writes it it's not cause it's coming out of the closet.
by Peter B) October 7, 2020
An abbreviation for Great Britain. Home of fish and chips, the English language and bloody brilliant swears and insults.
by Diggus Bickus June 14, 2018
Taking a Gravity Bong hit or using a Gravity Bong.
"Yo, wanna come over and take some GB's?"

"I took like 1 GB out of that 2 liter and I was baked!"

"Lets go take some GB's"
by Random00 July 13, 2006