A crew that has its origins in Surrey and is infamous in South-West London and has consequently spread outside of this area. It now has members in North-West Surrey. They are often known as the GBS Mandem.

It can also be used as a verb, to GBS an issue, may be to make an incident out of nothing and to cause confrontation and the agressor in a situation may be acting and behaving like and idiot.
"Have you seen GBS, there dread, bruv!"

"Why are you going to GBS the issue you mug,theres no need for it."
by TheLBM August 24, 2007
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GBS stands for Greasy Bum Sex. This happens around most of the world and people never want to admit to doing it. Mainly in Mexico
Katie: I love GBS
Matt: SO DO I
Katie: lets have it now
Matt: ok
Katie: i smell
by Bellymished February 02, 2008
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