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A phrase made popular by Tim Tebow who is the current quarterback for the Denver Broncos, and known for his Christian faith.

Go Broncos + God Bless= GB²
"Another all-around awesome team win! I thank the Lord to be lining up every Sunday with such great men GB2" -Tim Tebow
by Wayfinder December 15, 2011
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1: An acronym for "GameBreaker 2" from NBA Street Vol. 2, in which an unstoppable team stunt was performed, adding several points to the user's team while taking points away from the user's opponents.

2: an acronym for "go back to", commonly used on 4chan. Usually followed by a letter or word in between two slashes (for example /b/ or /school/), to tell one where to go in the poster's opinion. the two slashes stand for how the letters of 4chan sections are between 2 slashes (like /h/ or /b/), representing how they are shown on the URL.
Example for definition 1:
"Yo! I pulled a phat gb2! Your ass is done!"
Examples for definition 2:
"Futanari doesn't belong on /h/! gb2/d/, n00b!"
"You can't spell worth shit! gb2/school/!"
by Hand Hanzo June 04, 2005
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