1) to leave a place, sometimes forcefully
2) to get out of a rut
3) to suddenly experience large numbers of zits, usually on one's face

NOTE: Break out is NOT the opposite of break in.
As soon as I realized I had fallen for the old "go to bed at 2 with a 10, get up at 10 with a 2" scam, I knew I had to break out of that joint ASAP.

I broke out of my dating slump by scoring a threesome with the Olsen twins and doing Mary Kate indabutt.

I tricked her into letting me give her the money shot by telling her it would prevent her face from breaking out.
by Nick D January 29, 2004
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1.To flee from a fight.
2.Desperse a group in order to confuse authorities. Usually in all directions.
3.A large amount of ance build-up.
1.Break Out! The teacher is coming!
2.Hold the drugs, break out!
3.Damn girl, you sure had a breakout..
by AFY February 28, 2004
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To loose yo damn mind!! To whall out
Man, tha bitch made me so mad, I was about to break out!!
by Nsdrumma2004 September 9, 2004
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When your college teacher gives you a break in the middle of class and you never return.
when we get a break andrew grab your book bag were gonna "break-out". Andrew-"whats that" Dan-" its where we dont come back!"
by Natural Resources April 11, 2011
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Popularized by Mark Zuckerberg in his blog and the motion picture "The Social Network." Anytime you use emacs. Hell, anytime you use any text editor. You know what? Whenever you're on a computer, doing anything at all.
Time to break out that emacs and edit that file.
by spinerider4 March 30, 2011
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Similar to getting your wordMack/word on, except your more shy about doing it.
by www.eternalsoldiers.net August 25, 2003
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first warm sunny day on a college campus during the spring semester (typically March) where most females first break out their tank tops and the like to flaunt their pale cleavage. First day where all the white chicks lay out on random spots on the grass trying start their base tan, but get burnt.
Dude, I bet all these chickens get sunburned on break-out day this afternoon. I love break-out day... check out all these fun bags!
by DirtyWaterbury February 19, 2016
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