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Means ocean or beachside in HAWAIIAN- Most commonly used in giving directions.
Turn left at the stop sign, and it's makai from the gas station.

Our house is the blue one, makai on Main st.
by ***Coral*** August 17, 2006
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a cool funny guy who can be a jack ass sometimes but still makes you laugh he makes friends all the time and he's a major pussy slayer and super lit cuh
NIGGER 1: yo Makai just whooped my ass in basket ball
NIGGER 2: What'd you expect he's like Dikembe Mutumbo in this bitch blocking everyone
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by REALogDOGm8 November 24, 2016
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Out to the ocean or to the sea. Hawaiian word created from the words ma, meaning to go to or to move towards, and Kai meaning ocean or sea.
Ancient Hawaiians either lived mauka, makula, or makai
by what.evers._. March 16, 2015
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One of the "realms" or "worlds" discussed and dealt with in anime such as Yu Yu Hakusho, specifically. In this anime, there are three: Makai-demon world; Reikai-spirit world; and Ningenkai-human/mortal world.
It is from this place that all demons originated, infiltrating human world through portals.
The control of these portals becomes a major issue in the series.
Later on, introduced as being ruled by three strong demons, Yomi, Raizen, and Mukuro.
"The tunnel to Makai is opening."
by Draith April 12, 2005
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He is so handsome, polite , and one of the most polite people you will ever meet.
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by Thatboyfly December 25, 2016
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