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Woo is a gang originally created in Brooklyn. Their long time enemies are choo's. Famous rappers like Pop smoke, Fivio foreign etc are woo.
by moretikai213 April 02, 2020
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Gang In New York City From The Floss In New York / Canarsie , Brooklyn With Bloods And Crips Under One Called W💫💫 and Have Members Like The King Of Woo POP Smoke , Rah Swish , Fetty Luciano , Sosa Geek And Curly Savv
Jay : Yo What you jack Cuh

Mikey:I Woo From The Floss 💫💫💸
by queenslitniggs May 26, 2020
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to woo some body mean to make them fall for you make them like you
im goin to woo her i need to woo her why can't i woo her
by Janesy April 07, 2005
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n.(or adj), the way a person is when they uncritically believe unsubstantiated or unfounded ideas. Short for "woo woo".(See Russell's definition of woo woo)
Shirley believes that in a past life she was the Jolly Green Giant of Rainbowland. Shirley is very woo.
by roger the fabricator February 24, 2004
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Seducing a person romantically.
Jacob tried to woo sarah by sending her roses.
by moriejorie October 17, 2010
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A word used when someone is very surprised, excited, or disappointed
Boy 1: My girlfriend just broke up with me

Boy 2: oh wöö I didn’t see that coming
by Sebastiangigleheimer December 10, 2018
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A New York word typically used in Brooklyn that means blood
Woo the flex !
by Hals December 04, 2016
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