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He is the strongest of people all over the earth. He is appalled at the stupidity of his classmates and rules over them with an iron sceptre. His intellect is beyond the comprehension of our minds and he demonstrates this by flexing. He has a heart of stone and cheapshots ruthlessly to anyone he deems worthy of his level. Once he gets them out he replies with the phrases, 'it was your fault', or, 'hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahawhha' and shows them no mercy. He has also been on this Earth for millions of years, which explains why he is so evolved when compared to us petty humans. He roars occasionally like so, "Roooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!" , this is probably due to the fact of his dinosaur genes.
by yahhhhh, that's hot. May 29, 2019
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a symbolic term for something new, used to drum up curiosity-based excitement; exploiting the deliberate lack of information by instilling a desire to *have* more information.
"Gabbo is coming .. in 2 days!"
by graycloak May 06, 2009
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A puppett who will tell us what to do and thinks all children are SOB's.
Gabbo! Gabbo! Gabbo!
by ACG2x January 31, 2004
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large, voluptuous breasts. usually said in a complementary tone.
Damn that chick has some fine gabbos. Look at 'em jiggle!
by DSKWEEZE510 September 25, 2009
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A counter-strike player who tends to go afk just before the game goes lo3 even on lan. More often than not of Hispanic descent, trends toward chubby, and may be seen going 0-12 each half.
Oh goddamnit, is Gabbo afk AGAIN? Screw it, lets just go live, he'd only die anyway.
by Tank! June 27, 2004
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