Greg. Greg is the strongest army and family (possibly cult) on YouTube
Greg’s are all blood related. As soon as you subscribe to Danny Gonzalez your dna changes to be Greg. You are Greg. Everything in your life is Greg. That nutcracker staring at you when you sleep is Greg.

Greg is the strongest army on YouTube. Don’t search that up
Greg is the strongest army on YouTube.”
“I am truly Greg”
“All Greg’s are blood related”
“I didn’t want to pick a name like Logang or Maverick so I picked a cool name. Greg.”
“People on Twitter are already changing their name to Greg to show the support”
by IAmGreg. January 7, 2019
The Scarlet Witch (Wanda Maximoff) is the strongest avenger, hands down. “Scarlet Witch is the strongest MCU hero”, says Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige.
Wanda could’ve taken Thanos down on her own! She really does deserve the title of the strongest avenger.
by Kian Voss March 2, 2020
Everyone. The little sperm that penetrated the ovum is you. You were the strongest swimmer.
Matt was the strongest swimmer since he is here today, it is proof that he outswam all the other sperm in order to penetrate the ovum.
by Beauxgrass September 21, 2009
bruce banner, also known as the hulk. as seen in “thor ragnarock
computer: welcome voice activation required.
bruce banner: banner
computer: welcome strongest avenger.
by fvgxx February 4, 2018
The strongest army on the internet, being Greg, this is the only time you can look this up.

(A reference from Danny Gonzalez, Youtuber)
Yeah, Greg is the strongest army on the internet! Also, don't look that up.
by zuccsucc April 9, 2018
The strongest army on the internet, would be Greg. (yes, this is a Danny Gonzalez reference)
Subscribe to become a part of the strongest army on the internet, Greg... don't look that up
by Carl_TheLlama March 31, 2019