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1) - To be inducted as an official member of an organized crime family, thus getting full protection and care by the other family members. Membership is for life and resignation is not an option.

Often referred to as getting your "stripes" or "wings".

2) - To "make it" in life, having what you want to have, buying what you want, etc.
1) - Johnny was made into the family today.

2) - Once the record sales hit 2 million, I knew I had it made.
by ACG2x January 20, 2004
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Daytime "talk" show hosted by TV personality Maury Povich. Topics are limited, but incredibly entertaining, specifically paternity tests. Only show topics ever done nowadays are-

1) - Paternity Tests
The best! See you are not the father

2) - Cheaters Revealing Secrets
If your significant other wanted to bring you on the Maury Show to reveal a "deep secret", what the hell do you think it is? Geez!

3) - Cheaters Denying Cheating
Maury: Lashawn, we asked you if you had sex with 40 women since you have been with Nykesha. You said 'no', the lie detector test determined that was a lie, it was actually 125.
Nykesha: You done! Dat's it! You out! Get out my house!
Lashawn: Dat test iz wrong! I ain't nevah cheated!

4) - Fat Babies
Jenny: My son is 2 years old and weighs 115 lbs. I feed him Snickers, Ho-ho's, steak, chicken, whatever he wants! He's my child and I'ma raise him!

5) - I Used to Be Ugly...
Maury: Joe, do you remember Cecila?
Joe: Yeah, she was the ugliest girl in school
Maury: Well, she's changed alot since then, look at her now!
*Cecila, tummy tuck, boob job, 2000 lbs. of makeup and all comes out and dances seductively for the crowd
Cecila: I'm hot and sexy now though the miracles of 40 plastic surgeries!

6) - My 10 year old is out of control!
Mom: Maury, you have to help my daughter!
Daughter: I'm only 10 years old and I do what I want. I swear, drink, and steal. I even kicked my mom in the head once! Nobody tells me what to do!
Mom: *sobs*
Crowd: Boooooo!
Daughter: Whateva! Whateva! Y'all don' know me! Y'all don' know me!
Maury: Guess what? You're going to boot camp!
Crowd: Yayyyyy!
Big Black Guy (to daughter): Sit down! Shut up! Apologize to your mother now! Shut your mouth! *yell, yell yell*
Daughter (2 days later): I'm so sorry Mom *sob* *sob*, I love you!!
by ACG2x September 21, 2004
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Spanish slang for cocaine. Popularized in the movie Scarface by Al Pacino. Often misspelled as yayo for people who are either stupid, don't understand that Spanish 'll's are pronounced as a 'y' or both.
"I hope I don't have to go back to slangin' llello...to get my mayo"
- E-40
by ACG2x July 01, 2004
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1) - To hit on a woman, make a pass at

2) - To throw the ball across the line of scrimmage in football

3) - The act of throwing, kicking, etc. the ball or puck to a teammate in any sport

4) - To be granted a reprieve from being whacked (killed) by the Mafia. Called "given a pass". Forgiven for your sins or indescretions.
CATCH THE PASS! - Blades of Steel, Nintendo Game System
by ACG2x January 20, 2004
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1) - DNA test using several methods which can determine the biological parent(s) of a person. Most common methods are urine and/or blood samples, or swabbing the mouth and ears of a subject.

2) - The topic appearing on the Maury Show 3-4 days per week.

3) - What no man who had a one night stand wants to have to take.
1) - "This paternity test will determine if John is your long-lost father."

2) - See you are the father and you are not the father.

3) - Jamal- "Oh shit, I gots to take dis paternity test. I hope I ain' da father of Latrelle's nasty ass baby!"
by ACG2x October 13, 2004
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Absolutely obliterated from drinking it up all night. So drunk you have to take a piss every five minutes or so, right on the borderline of throwing up.
I got piss drunk off Long Island's last night.
by ACG2x February 27, 2004
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