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Absolutely retarded way of saying pregnant. If it's slang used mainly by guys, it's obviously gay ones who didn't get the chick knocked up in the first place, because that's how it sounds. No man should ever use that phrase...EVER.
Guy 1- "Damn man..."
Guy 2- "What's up man? What's wrong?"
Guy 1- "My girlfriend's preggers"
Guy 2- "What the fuck did you just say?"
Guy 1- "She's preggers...you know, preggers"
Guy 2- "I'm going to kick your ass right now"
Guy 1- "OK, I deserve it"
by ACG2x January 11, 2004

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To use charm, wit, humor, or other means to verbally let a female know that you are interested in her.

Often includes compliments and other forms of flattery that will hopefully end in a phone number which leads to a date, which leads to hot sex.
Guy: "Hello miss, my name is _____, very nice to meet you. How you doing tonight?"
Girl: "I'm _____. Good thanks."
Guy: (out loud) "You're looking very beautiful if I may say so"
Guy: (to himself) 'Man I wanna fuck this chick! She got some big tittays!'
Girl: "Awww...thanks"

An example of spitting game.
by ACG2x November 05, 2004

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The opposite of you are the father. Meaning a male is not the biological father of a child.

Most often also heard on the Maury Show, when the girl who was banging 16 different guys at the time she got pregnant has no idea who her baby daddy is.

Unlike its counterpart, the words every guy wants to hear if they had sex with some of the nasty ho's on there.
Denise, a 17 year old mother of Shantell, is 1000% sure Elron is the father of the little girl. Elron has stated 'Dat baby don' look nutin' like me' and 'Dat girl iz a hoe!" while Denise screams at him to 'Be a man!' and "Step up to yo' responsibilitays!" Maury holds the envelope-

"When it comes to the case of 2-year old Shantell, Elron...you are NOT the father!"

*Elron then stands up overjoyed and elated, and calls Denise a hoe, slut, and bitch or other similar words as she runs off crying. Elron then whoops it up with the crowd while Denise screams in agony
by ACG2x September 08, 2004

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1) - Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act. Passed in 1970 to aid the government in clamping down on organized crime activities, its scope has since been broadened to prosecute insider traders and anti-abortion protesters.

2) - Suave, as in a greasy person who somehow gets lots of girls.
1) - Vinny got arrested in 10 RICO predicates.

2) - That guy is so dirty, but he's Rico Suave to the ladies.
by ACG2x January 20, 2004

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Question asked that is asked for effect and not usually designed for an answer.

Usually encourages the person or people being asked the question to reflect upon their own thoughts and beliefs rather than answer specifically out loud.
Examples of rhetorical questions-
Speaker: "What defense to the homeless have if the government will not protect them?"

Guy: "Did you get some from her last night?"
Other Guy: "Is the sky blue?"

Office Worker: "How stupid is this new filing system we have?"
by ACG2x July 08, 2005

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Daytime "talk" show hosted by TV personality Maury Povich. Topics are limited, but incredibly entertaining, specifically paternity tests. Only show topics ever done nowadays are-

1) - Paternity Tests
The best! See you are not the father

2) - Cheaters Revealing Secrets
If your significant other wanted to bring you on the Maury Show to reveal a "deep secret", what the hell do you think it is? Geez!

3) - Cheaters Denying Cheating
Maury: Lashawn, we asked you if you had sex with 40 women since you have been with Nykesha. You said 'no', the lie detector test determined that was a lie, it was actually 125.
Nykesha: You done! Dat's it! You out! Get out my house!
Lashawn: Dat test iz wrong! I ain't nevah cheated!

4) - Fat Babies
Jenny: My son is 2 years old and weighs 115 lbs. I feed him Snickers, Ho-ho's, steak, chicken, whatever he wants! He's my child and I'ma raise him!

5) - I Used to Be Ugly...
Maury: Joe, do you remember Cecila?
Joe: Yeah, she was the ugliest girl in school
Maury: Well, she's changed alot since then, look at her now!
*Cecila, tummy tuck, boob job, 2000 lbs. of makeup and all comes out and dances seductively for the crowd
Cecila: I'm hot and sexy now though the miracles of 40 plastic surgeries!

6) - My 10 year old is out of control!
Mom: Maury, you have to help my daughter!
Daughter: I'm only 10 years old and I do what I want. I swear, drink, and steal. I even kicked my mom in the head once! Nobody tells me what to do!
Mom: *sobs*
Crowd: Boooooo!
Daughter: Whateva! Whateva! Y'all don' know me! Y'all don' know me!
Maury: Guess what? You're going to boot camp!
Crowd: Yayyyyy!
Big Black Guy (to daughter): Sit down! Shut up! Apologize to your mother now! Shut your mouth! *yell, yell yell*
Daughter (2 days later): I'm so sorry Mom *sob* *sob*, I love you!!
The Maury Show is a guilty pleasure.
by ACG2x September 21, 2004

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1) - A reference to the belief some hold that America and its military police the world, sticking them in business they have no place being in and interfering with foreign affairs of other countries.

2) - A hilarious movie by Trey Parker and Matt Stone involving marionette puppets that lampoons the aforementioned defnition.
1) - "Why is Team America here again? We can handle our own business!"

2) - "I saw Team America last night. Americaaa...fuck yeah!"
by ACG2x October 16, 2004

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