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The opposite of you are the father. Meaning a male is not the biological father of a child.

Most often also heard on the Maury Show, when the girl who was banging 16 different guys at the time she got pregnant has no idea who her baby daddy is.

Unlike its counterpart, the words every guy wants to hear if they had sex with some of the nasty ho's on there.
Denise, a 17 year old mother of Shantell, is 1000% sure Elron is the father of the little girl. Elron has stated 'Dat baby don' look nutin' like me' and 'Dat girl iz a hoe!" while Denise screams at him to 'Be a man!' and "Step up to yo' responsibilitays!" Maury holds the envelope-

"When it comes to the case of 2-year old Shantell, Elron...you are NOT the father!"

*Elron then stands up overjoyed and elated, and calls Denise a hoe, slut, and bitch or other similar words as she runs off crying. Elron then whoops it up with the crowd while Denise screams in agony
by ACG2x September 9, 2004
Softcore pornography either in video or image form that does not show penetration, and usually has very brief shots of both the male penis or female vagina. There are also no cumshots for either partner shown on camera. You may often find these types of videos on Cinnemax or HBO2 late at night.
Since my scrambling box doesn't work for the Spice Channel, I have to settle for Cinnemax and Almost Porn
by ACG2x January 7, 2004
Question asked that is asked for effect and not usually designed for an answer.

Usually encourages the person or people being asked the question to reflect upon their own thoughts and beliefs rather than answer specifically out loud.
Examples of rhetorical questions-
Speaker: "What defense to the homeless have if the government will not protect them?"

Guy: "Did you get some from her last night?"
Other Guy: "Is the sky blue?"

Office Worker: "How stupid is this new filing system we have?"
by ACG2x July 8, 2005
A highly skill-oriented and highly entertaining game of Poker in which players are dealt two cards face down, then five community cards face up. The best five-card hand wins.

The game is the most popular form of Poker today, publicized largely by the movie Rounders and the World Series of Poker. Also called "Hold-Em'" or "Texas" for short.
Texas Hold-Em' is the purest form of Poker there is.
by ACG2x January 5, 2004
As popularized by Milhouse on The Simpsons, a phrase referring to the father of a child who's parents are divorced and split custody of the child.

In such situations, what can happen is the mother has custody of the child during the week, while the father gets to spend one or both days of the weekend with him or her.

Phrase is especially true if the mother is remarried or has a boyfriend, hence the child's father figure during the week. This makes the biological father the weekend dad.
Kid- "Where are we going this Saturday weekend Dad?"
Father- "Stop calling me that! We're going to the water park."
Kid- "Thanks, weekend dad!"
by ACG2x October 20, 2004
Phrase meant to show indifference if another person (usually of the opposite sex) calls you, but is very much the opposite.

Means one of two extremes-
1) - Call me immediately, preferably tomorrow or later today


2) - Don't call me. For any reason. Ever.
Girl- "Call me sometime, k?"
Guy- (Is confused trying to figure out of it means call me right now or don't call me ever)
by ACG2x December 1, 2004
Spanish slang for cocaine. Popularized in the movie Scarface by Al Pacino. Often misspelled as yayo for people who are either stupid, don't understand that Spanish 'll's are pronounced as a 'y' or both.
"I hope I don't have to go back to slangin' llello...to get my mayo"
- E-40
by ACG2x July 1, 2004