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Short, cute. Usually that girl mate of yours that comes to everyone's shoulders and everyone loves.
Matt: You're short
Kaylee: I'm not short, I'm funsized!
by Pugwash the Pirate April 20, 2008
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When one can be picked up and carried anywhere and fucked wherever, similar to the convenience of a fun sized candy bar.
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by Tallboi92 March 04, 2019
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A woman usually of shorter height and with big breats and a nice firm ass.
John: Hey man did you go out with Lou?
Me: Yea man that girl is fun sized!
by Hesiophaestus December 20, 2009
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A short girl who everyone loves. She is bubbly, sweet, and bounces around being friends with everybody. She has a great rack and will most likely ask you for piggy back rides.
Becca: Can I have a piggy back ride?
Dude: Of course you can. You're fun sized!
by arstdderpvelopment January 03, 2014
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emily(a short person): hey whats up??
michael(tall person): nothin much. guess what?
emily: what?
michael: your fun sized!
by Mr. Zdawg May 03, 2008
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When a female is at the specific height were she can perform oral sex on you without having to get on her knees or squat down while both of you are standing.
Tim: Wow I just got a blowhob and she didnt even have to get on her knees!

Jake: Dude, she was fun sized
by Duphuc January 09, 2019
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