Short, cute. Usually that girl mate of yours that comes to everyone's shoulders and everyone loves.
Matt: You're short
Kaylee: I'm not short, I'm funsized!
by Pugwash the Pirate April 20, 2008
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A term used to Describe a Girl who is Short Enough to give a guy a blow job without having to get on her knees.
John: how tall is Sally?
Max: dude she's funsized..
John: ooo... kinky..
by Xignys2b43i9 March 2, 2011
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A kid who is of small height and appears to be a fun size to ponder with
"You funsized boy come here now"- Gman the canoeing instructor
by lukeheathcote May 11, 2018
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A female individual who can fit into most overhead compartments,backpacks and small places.
Funsize is an absolute master at hide and go seek.

Funsize Facts
Funsize loves getting her messy on and hitting up a
bit of emo love.

Funsize is under 5ft so 4ft whatever.

Look at that lil' bitch she a funsize!
Hey get funsize out of your duffle bag :P
by XOBHCNUL February 13, 2008
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a human of smaller proportaions than most, but also classed as sex on legs.
person 1 : hello funsize, how are you?

person 2 : hey i'm good thank you
by reject101 July 23, 2011
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A male under 5' tall.
Ryan: "yeah, roan. You're not short you're funsized"
by roangt August 2, 2007
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A femboy that is 4.9ft tall and can be picked up with ease and brought on adventures
You see wide frog he such a funsize femboy
by Femchad_supreme July 15, 2022
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