a compliment to someone who is very attractive, often shouted out
whoa! sex on legs!
did u see that babe?...yeah she was sex on legs!
by devilboy December 3, 2004
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someone who embodies perfection, personifies attractiveness, and oozes vibes of "do the nasty with me"
Did you see Brendon Urie, Conor Oberst and Julian Casablancas last night?
Yeah! Them boys were sex on legs.
by kaaate January 27, 2007
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One who personifies sexual attraction.

Perhaps British in origin.
Ginny eyed Ron pityingly. "Sorry, Ron. Hermione discovered Severus is sex on legs. Best to move on."
by Journeymom September 22, 2006
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Ville Valo;

used to describe somthing VERY hot.
*in bar in helsinki*
chick 1: holy freaking god that's VILLE VALO!!!
chick 2: OMG he's sex on legs!
by love-bruises March 7, 2007
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nickname given to American Idol 2006 winner Taylor Hicks because of his ability to make women go through entire packs of panties just by looking at them sideways or playing with his harp.
by Maisie M. December 22, 2006
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A person of italian descent that has non-stop gyrations. Not to be confused with (but closely associated to) sex on a hot dog and sex ogre, sex on legs emit rays of sexual heat radiating from multiple jewellery pieces. Are likely to be found dancing with other sex on legs.
hey bella you get with ninio? he has non stop gyrations! i swear he is sex on legs
by sexonlegs91 January 10, 2009
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