Something that is funner then fun.
Man isnt this game funn?
by comradehls November 4, 2005
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when something is so funny that u have to say it with an accent
All my friends say that I'm so funne'
by Daniel February 20, 2005
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Similar to the definition of funny, but used when the one writing it either wants to show that the funny thing is either not funny, but clearly trying to be. It can also be the opposite when something is not trying to be funny yet is, or is dumb in the way it's funny.
It's either a perfect sarcastic response or an acknowledgement of caveman brain humor.

The word funne is pronounced differently than funny. Pronounce it like a caveman would and you're pretty much there.
*monkey does something cool or weird* "Funne monke"

*sees a boomer meme* "haha funne"
by funne monkey December 16, 2021
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Someone who is "funne" is completely uncool and is never invited to any of parties held by the cool people.
Brett and Mike and really funne.
by Packer & McKechnie, LLP March 6, 2007
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A measure of fun or enjoyment. Such as Moneys.
I didn't have many funnes today.
by Onepointfour January 9, 2012
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one of the greatest lyrical arts of human history
a dude: "funne monkee"
a dude 2: "you are now CEO of CEO"
by whyamibrowsingthissite October 15, 2020
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We all know that monkes are superior to humans, but the Funne monke (or Funneus monkeus) is the funniest and best species of monke, therefore being at the top of the food chain.
Bro do you see that guy?

Hes a Funne monke
Bro no fucking way we need to go tell him how cool he is
by Nwordpassseller December 29, 2021
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