our ancestors, monke, used to roam the land millions of years ago before we were born. their majestik monkeness has allowed us to evolve into the hooman. we must thank monke. we must praise monke. we must love monke.
I love monke, thank you monke.
by The Globlogabgalab February 9, 2021
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monke can do many things. monke swim. monke swing. monke rotate. monke spin. monke eat banana. monke eat coconut.

Reject humanity, return to monke.
Person 1: monke?

Person 2: monke.

Person 3: monke good.
by ill0gical March 25, 2021
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monke is the best thing in the world even mroe good than hooman,
dumb hooman destroys the world and monke is just peacefull
i love monke do you love monke too?
yes i also love monke everyone who doesnt love monke should die
by monke man tom (epik) July 21, 2021
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am monke where banana

reject humanity return to monke

and then theres chunky
hes dead
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(mostly used in memes; as or part of a joke)

human evolution stages before present human/homo sapiens; monkey
by IdioTHICC March 4, 2021
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monke strong. monke smart. monke gud.
by monkegod February 3, 2021
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by February 15, 2021
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