funner is a word when used people say "that's not a word ". So help make funner a word so we can say " Yes it actually is a word look it up ".
urban dictionary is a lot funner to use than other dictionaries .
by imjustsayin33 May 10, 2019
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Adj. non-standard comparative form of "more fun". Meaning that a given something (noun) provides more mirth or more entertainment than something else.
This art museum is funner than the last three we went to.
by moosecabob October 12, 2009
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being more fun that regular fun, the ultimate good time.
Driving really fast through a deep rain puddle is funner than jumping in one.
by lizard March 27, 2004
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more than fun but less then funnest
Girls are funner than boys.
by FOR SHAYTARDS March 22, 2010
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A word used to describe something that is more fun than something else. This is the way you say "more fun" without sounding Lame!
As quoted from Maddox "The Dog".... "Sean is my Funner Dad" or "Disneyland Dads are Funner than Lame Justis Dads"
by shannon111 April 30, 2007
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A slang term which describes a funny moment or phrase.
Dude: *Tells a funny joke
Other dude: That was a real funner bro!
by Mark Waffle March 20, 2022
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