3 definitions by whyamibrowsingthissite

The greatest living entity to ever exist in the multiverse. Will eradicate you in the span of a millisecond with it's fact speaking words.
Bob: Oh this man is playing neco arc, I'm gone.
by whyamibrowsingthissite September 7, 2021
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one of the greatest lyrical arts of human history
a dude: "funne monkee"
a dude 2: "you are now CEO of CEO"
by whyamibrowsingthissite October 15, 2020
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It's 21.
Bob the sigma
"What's 9 plus 10?"
Jerald The Beta
"It's 19"
Bob the sigma
"Inferior being, it is 21 you fucking pineapple faced retard"
by whyamibrowsingthissite September 15, 2021
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