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To have a wild duck attack you violently when not expecting it
"bob is paralzed due to some crazy should have been there it was hilarious!!"
by dimm January 11, 2008
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(adj.) Meaning of utmost or greatest importance, the best,
(noun) An all around winner or super-stud.
-From tjhe ancient Greek word meaning "The victor"
(adj.) It is Fuji to win the Gold medal at this years olympics, in the event of the decathalon.
Wow he just won consecutive Tour de Frances, he's a real Fuji.
by Tad Hamilton January 06, 2005
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A game played by kids in elementary school in the 90s, which involved folding up a napkin into a triangular shape, about an inch on each side, and playing "fuji" or "fuji football" with it. This was usually played in the school cafeteria or on any flat surface, and involved two players, who each had to get the napkain to the edge of the table without it falling off, in three or fewer tries.
The fifth graders at P.S. 10 spent their entire lunch period playing fuji in the cafeteria.
by DirkD January 20, 2007
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A short, fat person who is very greasy, hardly (if ever) showers, and lies out of his/her ass. They usually have elf like features and is not very well liked by most. Chalk full of acne, they are questionably homo sexual and shower when told. They are fans of pop music and their hair is slicked tight to their forehead.
Whitney: Did you see that new kid, Paul?
Kelsey: Eww! That kid is such a fuji!
by jgmack February 20, 2010
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A male usually Japanese in decent. Doesn't shower ever and only owns one pair of underwear. They tend to be a mooch so they really own nothing at all. Most likely to be found in front of someone's TV playing Call of Duty. Thinks the world is six thousand years old and is an evangelical nut case liar. He also may think his car is cool when it is mainly driven by old ladies.
Q: Who's that stinky Asian in my room?
A: Ow it's just a FUJI, Threaten it with a shower it will leave.
by Corn 1020 January 22, 2011
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it can mean anything you want it to mean
What the fuji
You are such a fuji
Go to fuji
by Prithvi March 08, 2003
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