To have a wild duck attack you violently when not expecting it
"bob is paralzed due to some crazy should have been there it was hilarious!!"
by dimm January 12, 2008
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There is only one god and Fuji is his prophet.
by Aven June 25, 2004
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A short, fat person who is very greasy, hardly (if ever) showers, and lies out of his/her ass. They usually have elf like features and is not very well liked by most. Chalk full of acne, they are questionably homo sexual and shower when told. They are fans of pop music and their hair is slicked tight to their forehead.
Whitney: Did you see that new kid, Paul?
Kelsey: Eww! That kid is such a fuji!
by jgmack February 21, 2010
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1. A person with friends called Kodak, Tuna, etc.
2. A pyro-maniac with no life that watches anime all day.
3. Very self-concious and angry people who literally only have 10 friends.
1. Fuji and co.
2. It's a Fuji!
3. Don't be such a Fuji.
by Jiajia December 19, 2005
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Your a fud
"Fuji is a fud"
by Guess June 26, 2004
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the orgasm like face a musician makes when he is playing an instrument.
"wow, look at the way tom fuji-fuji's on the drums!
by PJMilk May 11, 2009
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Bandwidth Monkey Extraordinaire!
FUJie: Uh oh, the ISP called again, it's time to tell em the kids are downloading too many movies and i will make them stop immediately ;-
by jack July 20, 2003
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