Chalk is one of the following.

1) A white or colored cylinder that you write on the chalkboard with. Some Chalk is used for sidewalks.

2) A powdery substance that you put on your hands when lifting heavy weights for extra friction.
3) 4F-MPH (4-Fluoromethylphenidate) that can be used as a study aid or to get high. Last a short to medium time like 2 to 4+ hours and is stronger than Cocaine, Crack, and Ritalin, but weaker than Blue Speed (Ethylamphetamine, Amphetamine). Chalk can be either snorted, smoked, or mixed with water and drank.

4) That blue stuff you put in the pool stick to shoot the white ball to hit the ball in the hole. Pool is a 2 player game, but you can practice on your own.
1) Ms Breeze: ok. Today we are going to write an essay. First take notes from the chalkboard and then read the article. *writes more stuff on the Chalkboard with chalk.

2) Stan: *puts powder on his hands
*lifts heavy weights
3) Tyler: You got any Chalk. Like you know, 4F-MPH.

Walter: Sure. I got a gram of Chalk. $30 dollars. *shows 4F-MPH.
Tyler: *pays Walter.

Tyler: measures 20mg Chalk (4F-MPH) on a scale, then mixes it with water and drinks it.

Tyler: This is a good study aid! I think I'll have a beer! *has a beer.

*4F-MPH plus ethanol becomes 4F-EPH (4-Fluoroethylphenidate).

Tyler: Now I feel high.
4) Fernando: *Puts Chalk on the pool stick. *Shoots pool ball
by CognitiveFuel March 14, 2023
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Military term for an aircraft load. More specifically a group of airborne soldiers which deploy from a single aircraft or platoon sized unit for air-assault operations.
"I'm placing you in charge of chalk #4, soldier!"
by brokenmyth July 18, 2009
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The act of fucking a woman so completely and thoroughly, the only thing left to do is (metaphorically) draw a chalk outline around her body after she climaxes. (ala the crime scene of a murder)
Chalking your baby's mother is a great way to get her to lay off the child support payments for a while.
by BigDaddyWes April 30, 2010
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a universal word derived from the actual word Chalk, but due to the Tennesseean origin, it's pronounced slightly different. Refers to the select population of trashy, flashy white kids in their late teens to mid to late 20's who prefer stupid, graphically enhanced honda products;

with disproportionately large wings, loud mufflers, and neon lights to illuminate the 2 inch radius of their (usually) speeding and weaving vehicle,
as their mode of transportation.

You can spot them in most mall food courts with their 13 year old girlfriends, pierced ears, and tribal or kanji symbol tattoos that they'll never understand the meaning of.
N: man, that kid is such a CHALK!!!

V: hey, buddy why don't you quit CHALKIN' and get the fuck away from my kindergardner with that roofie colada

adj: I never understood why you hated him until i realized how CHALKIE he was.

PN: hey, CHALK

ADV: he was driving quite CHALKILY
by Count Chalkula February 15, 2005
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The common term for the naturally occurring substance Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3) It is also made synthetically, and often used for writing on blackboards (traditionally made of slate) and sidewalks.
Teachers often have a large supply of chalk on hand!
by mikeejimbo September 7, 2005
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Sucks, or relating to something bad
Friend: How was your exam today ?
Me: It was chalk,bruh.
by tazzh April 27, 2019
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