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Something old, outdated, unfashionable, out of style, irrelevant, passe. Makes reference the film company which transcended from a large, well-known brand to obscurity. An adjective that is an insult.
Oh my god, acid-wash jeans are so Kodak!
by Dixon Normus 2 August 24, 2010
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n,v. A word usually referring to the company kodak that produces photographic and imagery equipment but is also used to describe the action of taking a picture to remember an orgasmic or just exciting time or event in ones life usually done by mothers that embarrass their kids.
Mom:Oh you look so cute in your leotard

Son:Mom....can you stop

Mom:I just have to make this a kodak
by sundie February 19, 2010
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Very very small penis and is gay
Very small penis gets no girls. Kodak had a lot of girls but didn't fuck cause he had a small penis
by Kodak2.0 July 11, 2017
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Where some-one never brushes their teeth. As a result a dirty film appears over them making them look filthy.
Blimey guvnor your washwoods ( washwood heath, TEETH) have more film on um than kodak!
by Bedworthman December 23, 2008
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A really famous/celebrity guy who is very mysterious. He hangs out on urban irc sometimes but is hard to catch. He has 2 friends whom are named Nikon and Canon. There is a backstory to why he is named after a camera company, but that is confidential. He also goes by the name Matt and Cordak, and rarely Kode or Code.
John-Did u see Kodak last night on urban?

Mark-no, last night i found him on my forums posting stuff.

John-This guy is really mysterious.....
by Mysterious guy #1000 August 10, 2010
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the hottest guy at OLSM and a BAMF at football and theres a guestimated 20 girls who want on him at any given point
that kodak's the shizzzzznit
by baily January 16, 2008
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