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Emphasis on the word "go". If you want someone to look at someone, or to do something... fast, say gogogo. You may add an infinite amount of "go"s on the end, but add to many, and you may look like a retard.
Bacon says: urbandictionary.com
Roggie says: Later
Bacon says: gogogo
Roggie says: wts k i'm going
by Bacon February 15, 2005
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A weaker version of the word fucking. Used when fucking is not necessary. Also used when you wish to diversify your vocabulary and not sound like you're swearing every sentence. Often used as a positive word.

Not used as a sexual term.
Damn, that graffiti is fuggin awesome!
by Bacon August 7, 2003
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1. A fat retarded monkey, that spends half of its day trying to shove its tail up his own ass. The other half of the day it is either attempting to find its cock or hacking and scamming people on a MMORPG. see wannabegangsterbitch
2. A very small dildo mould. see babydick
3. A rare homosexually transmitted disease, caused by bending other men over a keyboard and proceding to fuck them in the ass. see kryptixhousehold
1. oowie-oo-oo-ah-ah-ah-left-a-bit-aaaaaah
2. ^
3. You will need 1 man, 1 keyboard, and 1 gay ass wannabegangsterbitch called kryptix.
by Bacon January 5, 2005
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A typo for ROFL, that is pretty funny when you say it, it gets stuck and you end up saying it all the time. Normally signifies that it is less funny that rofl, as heh is for stuff less funny than haha
<Rogultgot> Ich habe einen....pie
<Bacon> roff
<Bacon> ...I mean rofl
<Bacon> wait, no, roff is good
by Bacon April 11, 2005
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If you need to make fun of a random guy, or someone asks you who you hate, you can say shiMa!
<Bac>Guess who I'm getting a present for tommorow
<Bac>hahahahahaha rofl
by Bacon February 16, 2005
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to give one hundred and ten percent; to give it your all.

A phrase originally coined by BigAl
"Time to give it one one zero"
by Bacon August 11, 2004
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similar to the film of aliens where a mans penis is that large that it envelops a womens face trying to spread its seed down her throat.or a very very gay person holding a guys penis.
Most hardcore porn andy:that guy over there is such a DICK HUGGER!!
by Bacon August 14, 2004
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