The final solution to the cryptocurrency problem that every /biz/ user faces. Too bad they'll still be wagecucks.
You should diversify with both Bitcoin and your shares at McDonald's!
by My psenudonym August 6, 2018
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To make parts mostly to print specs, but not totally

To leave uncalled for "fencing patterns" in high tech finishes

Also, broken taps are common in some parts of the country

Extra holes are also common, although, it is not known why
Some believe it is to "make up" the difference for the shortage of holes caused by the broken taps.
I had my parts made at Diversified, but they came back with multiple problems.
by Haas 1962 January 27, 2010
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A method of reducing financial risk by spreading one's money among many different kinds of securities. This mitigates risk because a portfolio invested in multiple asset classes is less likely to be affected by the negative performance of one single investment.
"You need to diversify your bonds, nigga." - GZA

"When I needed financial advice, I decided to enter the 36 chambers and step to the muhfukkin Wu, where they told me to diversify my bonds. Now I'm makin' stacks and drinkin' 'gnac every day!"
by Scottie King February 9, 2010
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Originated from the hit show "The Chappelle Show" (Wu-tang skit) it means to:

1. To do or obtain different things.
2. To add diversity and versitility to your list skills.
If you're tryin to get in the biz you gonna have to diversify your bonds son.
by Sol.. August 22, 2006
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Make more friends who are minorities.
You live in a bubble you need to diversify your bonds.

I'm being really intentional about diversifying my bonds this semester.
by Gonzo Writer February 8, 2017
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The act of purposely hooking up with girls of various races so that your "cock-folio" (list of girls you have gotten with) is diverse.
Bro 1: "I think that Indian girl is really hot."

Bro 2: "Then go hit that. You need to be diversifying your cock-folio!"
by B.B. Skullfucker August 4, 2010
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