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Bloke: an informal English word for man, similar to chap, guy, feller/fella/fellow,geezer.
Often thought of as an Australian word as it is commonly used over there. The Aussie Bloke is a stereotype of a typical Australian Man, i.e. loves sport, beer, bbq's.
It's used in UK and Aus. in the same way guy and dude are used in America

According to a local newspaper in the Midlands, the word originated in the Black country (an area near Birmingham, UK), but I'm really not sure how much truth is in that!
'Look at that fat bloke over there!'
'Right, what are you blokes drinking?'
by D7 October 29, 2006

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The ultimate insult to someone who is more than just a cunt, or has just done something completely twatty. A clever use of the Scottish 'Mc' between 'cunty' and 'cuntlips' to make it sound like someones name, but also gives it a humourous feel, perfect for a bit of banter amongst friends.
Lame_d00d: I PwN3d J00 d00d!!!1111
D7: You Cunty McCuntlips ;-)
by D7 November 28, 2004

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Used by people in a severely alcoholicly inebriated state (i.e. pissed out of their head) when they attempt to say fucking.
The 'ck' loses its sharpness and becomes 'gg' and the 'g' at the end completely dissapears
Also used as an 'not-so-sweary' alternative to the word 'fucking', when talking to people like the Vicar or Aunt Agatha
See also fuggin and fugging
Bozo the drunken clown slurred 'yer me best fuggin' mate y'are', his arms reaching out to embrace someone he had met only five minutes ealier.
The man sidestepped to avoid the clowns drunken hug, causing Bozo to over balance and tumble down the large flight of stairs ahead.
by D7 July 29, 2005

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An urban slang from the land of kiltoon. Another word for a nipple
"Your just a little nittle"
"Your just a small nipple"
by D7 October 28, 2003

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A comedy word for the testicles. Poularised on the BBC tv program Top Gear, mainly by presenter Jeremy Clarkson.
Suitable for use in situations where 'bollocks' might offend.
E.G when talking to Aunt Mildred or the vicar.
Person 1: "You should've seen Dave the other night...kept groping up this bird in the club. Anyway, she got so fed up, she kicked him in the plums."
Vicar: WTF???
by D7 September 05, 2012

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