A colorful expression often made while ingesting alcohol... sober articulation would have "ck" replacing "gg".
Hey man whadja do with my fuggin' beer?
by t1nk July 10, 2005
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the word "fucking" said by post-hardcore skater/stoner hardass.
lets go finger those fuggin fifth grade hoes!
by Anfrenee August 11, 2006
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a politer, and a less chavvi way of saying fucking!
How goldie lookin' chain refer to the girl who works in the shoe shop in their R'n'B song
what a fuggin nightmare!?
by Squidge-bit December 05, 2005
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A person who has dumb sensless beliefs,
Any person who doe's things that make no sense or are obviously dumb and or not thought out.
Look at all these Fuggins breaking property in their own neighborhood's.
by Bry87 July 22, 2020
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the combination of fucking and bugging so as to express frustration to a high extent or disbelief
person 1: Dude, I can't pay you back today I'm low on cash.

person 2: No way! You're fuggin. I was counting on that money.
by sapphire1594 January 18, 2011
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A cross between fucking and thugging, especially when using fake bling jewellery as a sex toy.


I got so Mashup, I let Julian and Brezno fug me at the same time.
Oh yeh, fug me good!!!

we be fuggin

My ass hurts, I been fuggin too much
by EON (-||-) December 25, 2004
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One of the almost cuss words that Dani Filth of Cradle of Filth and Nikk 'Skum' Dibs both share -- seen first on Cradle of Filth's social network with his official profile, then with Nikk when he joined Dope employed use of it. This gets joked about in the thesis "The Transparent Confession" on Academia.edu. It's a funny f-bomb replacement.
Dani Filth with his profile, "It's all fuggin strange." He tells fans with his infamous Jesus shirt -- it's not wise to wear this in public, author held his own producing Thing That One Finds pointed out his own controversies can rival him as in 2006 he wore the controversial statement where the t-shirt called Pelosi the B-word as it was worn as a promotional shot promoting Insomnia Magazine. In the academia debut of The Cabbie Homicide's guilty party he discusses the use of this word between the two of them -- Nikk 'Skum' Dibs was ribbed on playfully in The Science Gospel suggesting he would had gotten a microscope over one of his admitted science nerd moments.
by illinoishorrorman May 10, 2018
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