A lot. Heaps. An exaggerated amount.
If there are fuckloads of something it is more than truckloads, the word 'fuck' being a more powerful word.
Wow there's fuckloads of people here today!
There's fuckloads of syrup on my pancakes.
by IAmAWienerUncleJanet August 16, 2011
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Too fucking much, Stronger way of saying 'Shitload'
Jamal: Bruh you wanna hang?
Deandre: No, I got work to do nigga.
Jamal: I ain't got none doe!
Deandre: Fuck you, you Fuckboi! I got a Fuckload!
by idfwudotnet March 31, 2015
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Lesser known synonym for shitload, meaning very many, a whole bunch of or scads of.
That's a fuckload of gasoline you are using to get that brush pile started, Bubba...careful about that little bit you spilled on your cods.
by harry flashman July 17, 2003
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(n.) 1. A whole fucking lot.
"I got a fuckload of money from winning the lottery."
by Razukin December 2, 2002
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I've got a fuckload of work to do today.
by Spruce December 7, 2003
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A huge amount of something; so much so that it ceases to be a realistic quantity.
It is similar to the term shitload, but not a synonym!
I have a fuckload of homework.
Yeah I have a fuckload of shit, that needs shovelling,... get to it bitch!
by junade.com September 22, 2010
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A unit of measurement quantified by a man locked away in a dark room in Paris, equalling the amount of ejaculate produced by said man's orgasms.
When we bukakked that girl, there must have been 10 fuckloads on her face alone.
by BFS January 10, 2005
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