A term that is used to describe a quantity. Generally the quantity is greater than a dozen, but limited to a managable number. This term is quite obscure but very noticable when put to use, thus the power of the word. More often than not, it comes to use in the sporting world, however, it has also been overheard among beer drinkers trying to describe (usually a lie) how much beer they can consume in a night or weekend.
Coach - Ok, we're going to run scads of 200s today.
Runner - Could I not run this workout?
Coach - You didn't run yesterdays workout.
by Oh Welles August 31, 2006
1. (n) A disease brought on by overexposure to stadiums, concert halls, and Arenas.

2. (n) A series of bad jokes.
Amanda suffered a severe case of scads after spending an entire semester listening to Mike's scads.
by whiskysour May 12, 2009
quite popular tiktoker, known for his bitchy, unfunny and boring lifes. He is also goes by scaddi, scaddy, shed, sled, scum, idiot, tax evasion and "gm9.ii2km2mm2"
Scads new tiktoks are really unfunny and embarassing, but it makes the tiktoks more funny....
by scaddi October 9, 2021
1. Savannah College of Art and Design. The group everyone in Savannah including SCAD students love to hate.

1. Scenester Cunts and Douches. The distinct mass of hipster fashionista brats who overtake the Jinx on Thursday nights in American Apparel shirts and neon running shorts from Goodwill. Think this is okay because they pay a lot of money yearly to learn about art.
1. "I'm glad the SCAD kids are out of town for break."
"But you go to SCAD."
"Oh shit."

2. Those fucking SCADs buy PBR's all night, drink half, and then leave them for the bouncers to clean up.
by FoxBat January 26, 2008
The Savannah College of Art and Design.
Located in Savannah, GA-Atlanta, GA-and Lacoste, France
Named in Kaplan and Newsweek's 25 hottest colleges for 2006.
It was chosen as the best college for studying art, particularly for commercial digital media design.
Disenchanted youth: "Hey, let's make fun of SCAD."

Employer: "Hey, lets hire that SCAD graduate."
by SCAD Student April 28, 2006
SCAD- Savannah College of Art and Design.
A private college founded by Paula Wallace where she collects the work of all the students for herself. In creating any form of art here, it actually belongs to SCAD due to them "giving you the idea". If you make something and sell it or if you post your work somewhere they dont approve of they are allowed to sue you, but you can't sue them because in order be be accepted you have to agree to the Terms and Conditions which include that you are not allowed to sue them. Its also a painful learning experience with very small deadlines that are near impossible at times.
Person 1: How you holding up at college?
Person 2: I go to SCAD...
by Riyot October 28, 2020
Scad is a word used to describe things that are sketchy and rad at the same time. It is more than just an adjective, but a way of life. Scadnation refers to the scad movement. It summarizes a crazy teenage lifestyle in which everything is insane, yet at the same time fun. It describes the rush one feels while doing something somewhat scandalous, yet amazing at the same time. People, places, and events can all be referred to as scad.
Volvo vs. Prius car races are so scad.
The spice girls are scad!
It was so scad when we drove around late at night and ended up in reno.
by hailey and stephanie December 14, 2007