A unit of measurement quantified by a man locked away in a dark room in Paris, equalling the amount of ejaculate produced by said man's orgasms.
When we bukakked that girl, there must have been 10 fuckloads on her face alone.
by BFS January 10, 2005
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More than a shitload. An unfathomable amount, a larger-than-large quantity.
You're walking down the hall at work and your boss calls out, "how's your day going?" You answer, "Fuckloads of busy!"
by rudymcnasty May 29, 2009
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"We have a shit ton of shit tons to ship out by tomorrow."

"A whole Fuckload?!!! Pass me a beer, it's gonna be a long night!"
by fattttttttttttty March 05, 2010
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Assuming a fuck lasts 5 minutes, and the speed is 20 thrusts per minute of 5 inches at a time and a penile cross-section of 2 inches squared, a fuckload would be 1000 cubic inches.
I have a fuckload of work to do, I'll go out another time.
by dmxp May 17, 2005
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1. A Massive amount ejcaulate exiting ones penis, or dripping from a recievers gaping rectal cavity.

1. "After Joe finished fucking Kate, she squatted over his mouth and let the FUCK LOAD drip into his mouth."

2. "My God Mike, the FUCK LOAD you sprayed onto my tits sure was warm and moist."
by Pak Zedersen May 29, 2008
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