More than a shitload. An unfathomable amount, a larger-than-large quantity.
You're walking down the hall at work and your boss calls out, "how's your day going?" You answer, "Fuckloads of busy!"
by rudymcnasty May 29, 2009
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"We have a shit ton of shit tons to ship out by tomorrow."

"A whole Fuckload?!!! Pass me a beer, it's gonna be a long night!"
by fattttttttttttty March 5, 2010
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Derivative of "shitload". A large amount.
"Damn, we got a fuckload a' potatos"
by Alex Temal November 19, 2004
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Assuming a fuck lasts 5 minutes, and the speed is 20 thrusts per minute of 5 inches at a time and a penile cross-section of 2 inches squared, a fuckload would be 1000 cubic inches.
I have a fuckload of work to do, I'll go out another time.
by dmxp May 17, 2005
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A fuckload is exactly 200 Miles.
"How far have we driven today?"

"We've driven a fuckload"
by Klaser Javasin June 23, 2004
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8 dozens of shit in the toilet that it floods into the shower.
My friend Andrew had diarrhea, He took a fuckload and I had to clean the shit
by Meme_Urbanizer420 March 29, 2016
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Unit of measure to describe masses of great quantity; mass greater than fuckload.

conversion: mighty fuckload = 2.8 fuckloads
Press release: "This new trans-oceanic transport vessel can carry the largest cargo capacity possible! Seven mighty fuckloads!"
by dominocaliente November 8, 2009
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