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A Swedish band that combines pop rock music with screaming. They have a salf-named album "Dead By April" released May 13, 2009 and an upcoming album called "Incomparable" to be released on 21st September 2011. The songs are about "human relations", Pontus Hejim claims; but he says people should find their own meanings for the song. The band was created in 2007, however Zandro Santiago only joined in 2010.

Band members: Jimmie Stimmel (clean vocals, screaming), Zandro Santiago (vocals), Pontus Hejim ("session" player, guitar, song writer), Marcus Wesslén (bass) and Alex Svenningsson (drummer).
OMG! Dead By April is on the radio!
by junade.com August 01, 2011

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A huge amount of something; so much so that it ceases to be a realistic quantity.
It is similar to the term shitload, but not a synonym!
I have a fuckload of homework.
Yeah I have a fuckload of shit, that needs shovelling,... get to it bitch!
by junade.com September 22, 2010

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Irish Twilighter
Did you hear about that Twirish girl? All she Tweets about is Twilight and Bieber; she must be a very sad lunatic!
by junade.com November 07, 2010

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Use Google Translate N00b!
For use when some n00b is stuck on their homework or a similar translation.
@stah96: "does anyone speak german...i need help on my homework"
by junade.com January 18, 2011

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A Swedish band that combines mainstream pop and metal music; they are often trolled by Justine Beaver (Justin Bieber) fans and attention seeking trolls.
They released their first single; Losing You, which became an instant Swedish hit; and their album self-named Dead By April. They recently released their new single Within My Heart.
Dead By April are releasing a new album soon!
by junade.com June 13, 2011

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