A word used mainly by Australians to describe a big amount of something or very much.
1. R: I like you heaps

J: I ilke you too

2. J: Nice top

R: Thanks heaps

3. R: I ate heaps of candy

J: Mm candy
by Lalalaz January 31, 2010
A lot of.
There were heaps of people there
by Hayley December 2, 2003
A word oversensationalised by students at Nudgee College(Australia) used to put forward a facade of being "cool". It is mainly used to refer to an excess of something.

The word originated through the Seniors of Nudgee College in 2006 and is another "Trend-Set" words which will eventually be discarded when a new and "cooler" word surfaces.

Many students, primarily borders and conformist "day boys" use this word to act cool and continue the trend.
1. "Heaps of hard-out"
2. "Heaps bruz"
3. "Heaps of cool"
by Raoulsavparty November 6, 2006
colloquial (generally Australian) word meaning "alot". usually positioned before the describing word.
eg. "shit, that guy was heaps hot!!!"
by ruler of the world!!! hahahaha February 10, 2004
In a bad state. In a state of severe dilapidation. See banjaxed, in bits, rag order.
I can't go outside the door today. I'm in a heap after last night.
by Maidhcil Mac Fheorais September 16, 2007
Predominantly South Australian slang term meaning 'very' or 'really'

As a result of this word being used in South Australia for decades, the term 'heaps good' has become a South Australian icon as seen in the 'Heaps Good' South Australian merchandise range.
1. (MAIN) Ohh that's heaps good
2. I'm heaps sorry I forgot your birthday

by SA Kid March 31, 2008