Jack Duncan; A man dating many girls and taking advantage of them while not caring about there feelings
jack duncan is such a fuck boi
by asADadS March 17, 2017
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A guy that generally likes to sleep around with as many people as possible.
"Hey did you here about Joaquin? He's slept with 5 different girls, 4 guys, 3 transvestites, 2 cows, and your mom." "What a Fuckboi!"
by PRBoy81 April 16, 2015
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A rambunctious, obnoxious, and ostentatious fellow who travels around spewing profanities. A Fuckboi will often times find fault in other people in the most offensive way. Such as critizing someone's driving by profusely shouting in the car. Or perhaps by lewdly and openly commenting on passing women.
Just four fuckbois traveling around the word and staring at booty.

Those fuckbois are too damn loud in this restaurant.

Man that Fuckboi is one Chico bonito.

Travis use your breaks you god damn Fuckboi.
by asdgabgds July 26, 2015
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Any teenage or young adult male who manages to fuck up his life and/or future

prospects despite having every intellectual, social, parental, and economic advantage for success in his favor. Usually, but not limited to, young white males. Most likely will be interested in: metal music, skateboarding, smoking, marijuana, profanity, "chilling", and mooching off others. The natural habitat of a Fuckboi is usually his parents couch.
"We'd love to go on that retirement cruise, but we can't afford it because our 25 year old Fuckboi can't keep a job"
by Rxmem February 01, 2015
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a pussy who cant do anything and just says shit and is a wannabe gangster
look at that guy he's a fuckboi
by swaggiepattie April 05, 2015
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