Any teenage or young adult male who manages to fuck up his life and/or future

prospects despite having every intellectual, social, parental, and economic advantage for success in his favor. Usually, but not limited to, young white males. Most likely will be interested in: metal music, skateboarding, smoking, marijuana, profanity, "chilling", and mooching off others. The natural habitat of a Fuckboi is usually his parents couch.
"We'd love to go on that retirement cruise, but we can't afford it because our 25 year old Fuckboi can't keep a job"
by Rxmem February 2, 2015
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A guy that has multiple women they are flirting with and leading them on via text, fb, internet. "All Friends"They generally have relationships, and do this behind their girls back. They often lie and cannot be trusted. They are basically the female version of a bitch, attention whore.

They lure women in with some sort of creative medium. "Poet", "Photographer", "artist", and "bad musicians" When the girls like their shit online, that is where the conversation starts. with a thanks.. then a private message. Its pathetic if you look at the fuckbois messages. Its like he's five different people. Sensitive to one, a rocker to another, horny, and "just a friend" to most, until they allow him otherwise. These guys are a fucking joke. They usually work from home or have no job because anyone worth anything doesn't waste, or have time to answer your sorry assed texts all day.. time fantasizing, they are living.
He has multiple accounts on hookup websites. All the while lying to the one they are with. "Its just a friend"...Newsflash fuckboi.. Friends are people you actually know.. and have been through shit together, not some slut you met on insta and talk to online.

Dont waste your time w a fuckboi.
I dumped my boyfriend.. No one wants a fuckboi!
by igotyonumber October 27, 2015
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A boy/man aged 12-22, who tries to get with multiple girls at once for sex. He's the guy who dresses nice and is usually good looking, but is a jerk. They Don't care if they hurt anyone's feelings, as long as the having sex. Sometimes he'll be the guy who will ask "hey girl, wanna go for a ride in my mustang " or Any nice/fast car. Even though they don't care about others feelings, they get their feelings hurt very easily when one of their "girlfriends" is mad at him. Overall they are sensitive and hurt others by cheating.
Emma: Chris is such a jerk, I thought he loved me. Then I saw him and Laura kissing.

Ana: yeah! The same thing happened to me. He's such a fuckboi, im done with him.
by Cjh777k November 5, 2017
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A rambunctious, obnoxious, and ostentatious fellow who travels around spewing profanities. A Fuckboi will often times find fault in other people in the most offensive way. Such as critizing someone's driving by profusely shouting in the car. Or perhaps by lewdly and openly commenting on passing women.
Just four fuckbois traveling around the word and staring at booty.

Those fuckbois are too damn loud in this restaurant.

Man that Fuckboi is one Chico bonito.

Travis use your breaks you god damn Fuckboi.
by asdgabgds July 27, 2015
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Once a fuckboi
Always a fuckboi
"Bae is a fuckboi.."
by Poopdiner May 17, 2015
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A boy who hangs around with girls (typically 6th grade through 12th grade) and all the girls like him back. He texts them about 20 hours or more a day, sends them hearts and calls them pretty and they send hearts and shit like that back. He is usually popular but at parties hangs around girls instead of his friends that are boys.
Cosmee is a total fuckboi at our school.
by ArmyStrong206 April 28, 2018
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A fuckboi is usually a male and of Caucasian descent; has attractive features and can be referred to as "hot" or given a two syllable damn by the female gender. If you want to find one in action; search for them in their natural habitat (aka your local gym). They are usually spotted wearing basketball shorts or joggers with Adidas sandals and shin socks (this is the lazy fuckboi). The preppy fuckbois wear khakis, baseball-style shirts or henleys and Air Jordans. The tell-tale signs of a fuckboi is their coiffed hair which is gelled and styled to the point that it looks like the curve of Santa's sleigh. Their vernacular includes an excessive use of NETFLIX AND CHILL, asking for nudes, 21 questions. NOTE: to all of those who are female, protect your vaginas and breasts from fuckbois. Do not get involved with one because they will always be assholes who want to jerk off to nudes.
Alex: "Hey baby, wanna netflix and chill?"

You: Jesus fucking Christ, he's a fuckboi. *gets up to get fuckboi repellant*
by shawnsbitch July 25, 2016
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