What you do when you want to be fucked so bad but don't want to say anything.
I had to hide my need for him by lip biting.
by Irenelundy October 20, 2013
it’s an addiction that some people all, not all people have it and if you do have this addiction you’re awesome! this addiction requires you to bite the bottom of your lip repeatedly just whenever you feel like, and sometimes you won’t even notice. sometimes people thinks it’s “hot”, “cute”, or “attractive” whenever others do this.
guy #1 bro, that girl morgan has a serious lip biting problem.

guy #2 yea, bro, it’s kinda hot not going to lie.
by mae williams August 16, 2019
When Carolyn is making out with you and it gets extremely steamy.
by SPOKE1 April 18, 2016
Lip biting He/she bit her lip so that he/she wouldn’t kiss him/her
by Bootychomber666 February 28, 2018
A cute thing that a girl can do.
Girl #1 - Sir, can I please have a raise?
Boss - No, get out.
Girl #2 - Sir, can I please have a raise? *bites lips*
Boss - *flustered* Y-yes.
Do not use the lip bite technique on other women.
by agtctae March 5, 2014
She bit her lip before I pounded her. A real lip bite.
by PhatRooooonnnny April 12, 2018
It will be an emoji of someone biting their lip. Everyone call Apple support and ask to suggest an emoji.
Her: I’m horny.
Me : **insert lip bit emoji**
It will be a very horny emoji

I have to put a definition so it is an emoji yellow person with there lips being bitten. (Lip bite emoji)
by Juiceprince January 23, 2020