japanese for "princess"; maybe used as suffix or prefix
Hime-sama! (Princess!)

Tsuki-hime (Moon Princess)
by akiha March 15, 2004
When somebody wants to say "Hi" and "I'm home" after a long day and ends up slurring their words to "hime"
A: Hime!
B: Hi, welcome home! :)
by TjNinja1 May 31, 2011
A familiar form of greeting addressed to one's self!
Hime!!! How've I been? Good? Me too!
by POTUS/Coco March 22, 2010
Anime; suffix added to names meaning 'princess'; a loyal subject may address her as 'Hime-sama'.
That is Mononoke-hime
by Myoga1 February 26, 2004
a female that likes "yuri" or girl/girl relationships, the male version of this would be called a 'hime-danshi'
Sarah just told us that she is a hime-joshi.
Tyler is totally a hime-danshi.
by RubyFlame January 9, 2018
A Japanese expression for the first time a couple have sex after the new year.

Hime means 'young lady' or 'princess.'
Hajime means 'beginning.'
"How was your new year party?"
"Awesome! We had kinky hime-hajime to start it off with a bang."

by ButterflyFomori January 28, 2009
ティッシュ姫 (Tissue Hime)

Popular Nico Video musician, known for his very skilled bass guitar playing and on-stage cosplay as Nagato Yuki.

He is generally considered to be a 'Trap'.

A 'Trap' is a well recognised cultural phenomena in Japan (and elsewhere) where 'boys' dress convincingly as 'girls', and Cosplay can feature heavily as part of this transgenderist cross-dressing.
Tissue Hime
by Mongrol23 December 17, 2010