A guy who just wants to fuck. He is not apologtic, nor does he respect the money, time, or feelings of others. He does not deduce whether his action may or may not be at the expense of his fwbs or significant others. May come off as shady, confused, lost, crazy, and then you realize he's a waste of your time. In reality, they may be a loser with serious issues that no one is truly fond of, and those who do hook up with him may not want to see his face again.
"That fuckboi told me to drive to the other side of town to sleep with him, and after I drove 35 miles texted me and told me he had a family emergency. Wtf?"
by nbild March 16, 2015
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A special type of bitch. This species comes from central and south Florida. They tend to use the phrase "Tampa bro" a lot and are soft as cupcakes.
I slapped that shitty fuck boi last night when he got done talking that fuck boi shit to me.
by StonCldKilaTruGstaFromDaStrets February 04, 2010
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A term used to describe a man(child) who acts in one or more of these ways:

a) Acts like they are the hottest thing on this planet. At the same time, they are using aesthetics in place of their whole identity.

b) Feels entitled to women's attention even if he’s a complete creepy a-hole.

c) Will try and manipulate multiple women around him, but once caught, runs and hides for a while until ready to move back to (b) feeling entitled to attention.

d) Someone who doesn’t have his life together, but likes to blame it on others that are no longer in his life. Instead of owning up to his shortcomings.
Example 1:


Woman: “I don’t even really know you..., and I don’t rely on an aesthetic for my whole identity. So nice try fuckboi.” 🤣

Example 2:

Man(child): *Messages multiple girls at once for a hook-up while in a relationship*

Women: *Sends a selfie back with the other girls he messaged* “Go away, Fuckboiiiiiii!”
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by Realitychecktime September 04, 2020
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A boy who wears the following: bucket hats, khaki pants/shorts, Nike elite socks, v-neck tee's with a floral printed pocket, and roshes. A Fuckboi will also wear excessive amounts of gel in his hair. Fuckbois spend their free time texting or snachatting girls asking for nudes, or commenting on people's Instagram posts: "u got kik? ;)"
"Hey, did you see Devin Greene's outfit today?"
"Yeah, he's suck a Fuckboi. He asked me For nudes last week"
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A person that leads on a group of girls at one time. They usually are unaware of what they are doing. They often become close to a girl, making them feel special, spending a lot of time with them. But, they really don't feel anything towards the girls they lead on.
That guy Cade is such a fuckboi. Look at all those girls swooning over him.
by blazerrush May 18, 2015
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A guy who just wants to get in your pants. Comes off as a nice person acting all good and will lie about things making himself look like he has never done anything dirty before or will. His ultimate weapon is the Questions game where he can than start off nice and casually talk about dirty things. When you talk to him you think to yourself "oh he's such a nice guy" but later on he will start to go from nice to bad and day things like "i never done this kind of thing before".
I was texting him in a messenger app and he ended up being a fuckboi
by ThePsycoPotato May 29, 2016
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