A very old name, from the 16th century, Scottish in origin, meaning "from the dark river." A man who has deep insights, mystical powers and isn't afraid to explore both the dark and light sides of life, seeing them as all one. A person of great understanding, having wisdom that accrues with age. Very public persona, but deeply private in many ways.
"Don't bother trying to fool, outwit, or fully understand him, man. He's a Douglas---sees all, knows all, confounds all."
by nirvanabrew February 4, 2010
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A scottish name, means dark water. Douglas is also referred to a charming, handsome man.
-Look he looks like a Douglas
by Notdouglas May 25, 2015
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The sweetest, funniest, nicest guy ever. He is very popular but he is not a jerk. When you look into his eyes you see something real. He always tells you how it is and is very honest. Dougie comes up with amazing comebacks, and is very witty.
Girl: Have you seen Douglas?
Girl 2: Yeah he is with John.
Girl: The special ed kid?!
Girl 2: Yeah Dougie talks to everyone.(:
by that1coolgirlyouknow February 15, 2013
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A "Douglas" is a first love. He stole your heart from the first glance. A "Douglas" smile would melt an ice cream bikini. His glances can catch you off guard and cause your panties to immediately be soaked. He is the kindest man ever known, with a heart of gold and can make you laugh so hard you cry. You would be lucky to have a "Douglas" in your life.
My first time was with a "Douglas"! I am so lucky!

Did you see that" Douglas "? I better go put on dry panties.
by HotPink1 July 6, 2016
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Most amazing guy you'll probably ever meet. Beautiful smile and a laugh that cant help but make you happy. Tall and strong with one of the sexiest dad bods you'll ever lay eyes on. Not only does he have such strong looking arms and shoulders but an amazing round ass. Goes to the gym to be fit and healthy. Hes really funny and sweet and seems somewhat innocent when you first meet him but after youve been dating him for a bit he just gets better. Funnier than you thought he was to begin with and a lot of dark humour. Sweet without trying to be. Easily emotionally hurt at times but doesn't show it often and it will crush your heart when you see him upset. Hes very protective and will do everything he can to make you feel happy and safe. Even though he tends to your every need he's not afraid to show that he likes to be taken care of too. He'll ask for his tummy to be rubbed when he doesnt feel well, or to be little spooneven though he's 10x larger than you, or he'll ask for you to play with his hair and sing till he falls asleep. He really is an amazing man. Very sexually involved in relationships. Thinks youre always sexy and is DTF anytime and anywhere. He will do ANYTHING to make you moan and loves it when you do. Absolute freak in bed. He will make you feel better than any man before or after him. DO NOT let him be the one that got away. Hes worth every little bit of time and effort.
Freind: so who are you with now?
Me: Douglas, Y'know the guy you introduced me to a couple years ago. Weve been dating for almost a year now.
Freind: Never let him go.. I already made that mistake when I said no to dating him..
Me: I know, hes such a great guy and amazing in bed too.
by Alliecat179 October 22, 2018
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a gambit, getting all the girls and all the winnings. high-profile guy with the ability to win the hearts of people by just his personality.
that guy is such a douglas, i'm so goddamn jealous of him.
by catherine artemis June 17, 2009
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A very caring man who is a great guy with a great personality. He is usuialy very quiet and most people don't know him for the gentleman he is. Douglases are very intelligent but hot headed. But overall Douglases are very good guys and role models.
" my dad, Douglas is a great guy"
by Angel88888888 April 6, 2017
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