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A very old name, from the 16th century, Scottish in origin, meaning "from the dark river." A man who has deep insights, mystical powers and isn't afraid to explore both the dark and light sides of life, seeing them as all one. A person of great understanding, having wisdom that accrues with age. Very public persona, but deeply private in many ways.
"Don't bother trying to fool, outwit, or fully understand him, man. He's a Douglas---sees all, knows all, confounds all."
by nirvanabrew February 03, 2010
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The sweetest, funniest, nicest guy ever. He is very popular but he is not a jerk. When you look into his eyes you see something real. He always tells you how it is and is very honest. Dougie comes up with amazing comebacks, and is very witty.
Girl: Have you seen Douglas?
Girl 2: Yeah he is with John.
Girl: The special ed kid?!
Girl 2: Yeah Dougie talks to everyone.(:
by that1coolgirlyouknow February 15, 2013
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A scottish name, means dark water. Douglas is also referred to a charming, handsome man.
-Look he looks like a Douglas
by Notdouglas May 27, 2015
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Douglas is a smart funny and hot guy and he is so sweet and kind he is a dream and he cares about everybody he is the definition of a perfect boyfriend he will treat his girl with respect and he will treat her like his queen he is so awesome and perfect i just cant get over him
girl one: did you hear the Douglas is dating your best friend
girl two: yea she tells me everything
best friend: he is so perfect i love him
by your average tween January 28, 2018
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a gambit, getting all the girls and all the winnings. high-profile guy with the ability to win the hearts of people by just his personality.
that guy is such a douglas, i'm so goddamn jealous of him.
by catherine artemis June 17, 2009
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