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A boy who is only obsessed with girls. Will ignore friends for girls. And will lie just to get a nude snapchat from said girls. Should not be trusted to even boil water.
Yeah jimmy is turning into a real fuckboi, I texted him wishing him happy birthday but he never responded. I guess he's just trying to get nudes from Susie. What a fuckboi.
by Coolestcucumber August 14, 2015
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The worst thing to be called ever. If you get called this you are now no ones friend
Your mom and my friend went to go jump some people but they got even more mad by being called a fuckboi.
by ybhu780 April 11, 2018
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He's such an Fuckboi that Archie!
by Bo$$ A$$ Bitch069 June 6, 2017
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a sexy ass person who is secretly in love with someone they are dam rude to
Fuckboi' are often soccer players
by frothstar March 7, 2015
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Someone who wears vests in the summer, grows out their sideburns due to insecurity of penis size, and usually walks around in boots to compensate for penis size once again.
Look at Evan the fuckboi wearing his Colombia vest, you can't even see his bulge through his pants.
by youngJguap February 22, 2015
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Fuckboi. Fuckbois are always the hot guys that take mirror selfies, date every girl they can get their fuckboi hands on, and all the time, think that they're the hottest guy ever. They are dumb and manipulative, and there's a chance that 4/10 children males that you meet, will become fuckbois in their teenage years. It's sad, I know.
(bitch)oh looks like you have a crush on Rory!!
Me: fuck no he's a fuckboi . I'm avoiding him
by Name definitionz May 11, 2015
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