1. As a self insult, usually used when making a stupid/careless mistake.

2. During sexual intercourse/pornography, usually when a woman is horny.
Teacher: Caden you lost 3 marks in your math exam due to careless mistake.
Caden: Ah, fuck my ass!

Woman: Fuck my ass!
Man: Ok.
by Eat hen February 28, 2019
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intense exclamation; not to be taken literally; used in an unwanted situation
When you find out that you failed a test you say: Fuck my ass, I failed!
by A. Pseudonym December 7, 2004
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A common phrase among girls at private christian schools like Trinity Christian Academy because they believe it preserves their virginity for marriage.
Man 1: Dude, I finally got in Alden's bed last night!!
Man 2: How'd you pull that off?

Man 1: It was simple. All I had to do was kiss her and wait till she wanted it. Don't worry, she told me to "fuck my ass" because she wants to be a virgin. I can still see her butt when I close my eyes...
by WildWeasel November 28, 2015
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1. An exclamation uttered after an unfortunate turn of events or a negative outcome; can be used ironically for a positive outcome, though this is less common

2. A phrase utilized when lost in thought, or when memory fails you

3. An open invitation for anyone listening to play pop goes the weasel in your cornhole
"Check engine light? Fuck my ass, just what I wanted to see."

"L'see.. loaf of bread, taters, milk.. fuck my ass, what else am I forgetting?"

"Fuck my ass. No seriously, please insert any and all objects into my nether regions."
by ahnaanemiss April 27, 2012
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1) a figure of speech expressing extreme disgust


2) the literal request for having a dick placed into your sphincter
john: Dude that was a shit pass

Andrew: Fuck My ASS!!!

Hooker: Hey baby you wanna fuck my ass?
by Kasper18 September 30, 2008
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The sounds that are released from the mouth of a hot chick, while she has a large penis, repeatedly inserted in and out of her anal cavity.
oh that feels so good, your so big.. fuck my ass. fuck my ass yea yea fuck it fuck it yea yea (RTC)
by Vedder10 April 24, 2006
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Something your mom says right before i have intercourse with her. Usually meaning she wants me to stick it in her ass.
your mom: Ryan, fuck my ass!
Ryan: ok.
by Ryan December 28, 2005
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