PO-TA-TOES, boil 'em, mash 'em, stick 'em in a stew. Lovely, big, golden chips, w/a nice piece of fried fish.
Even you couldn't say no to that.
OH yes we could. Ruins a good fish. Give it to us raw, and wrrrrigggling.
by k dawg August 28, 2004
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Female breasts, especially large ones. This term is considered very casual and somewhat crude. Compare to jugs.
Check out the taters on this girl!
by Greenie March 24, 2004
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1. Cold - rhyming slang (from potatoes in the mould)
2. Potatoes
3. Cool, good
Its a bit taters imma go fetch me weasel
pass the taters, im starvin
by anaemic January 18, 2004
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butthole, anus, brown-eye
One can also, "butter" the taters.
Friend 1: "So you hit it off wit' ol' girl last night?"

Friend 2: "Oh hell yeah, buttered them taters like thanksgiving."
by beefderky June 4, 2006
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another way of saying goodbye, i.e. laters - becomes taters
by Liam W July 17, 2006
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Small nugget-like potatoes.
Just taters, please.
by aly January 7, 2004
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