In a game of Whack-A-Weasel there are a couple of holes from which weasels pop their heads out randomly.

Your goal is to smack a weasels head with a hammer in order to push it back to its hole.

You have to consider, that hitting a weasel with a hammer in the face is not quite a challenge and of course humiliating for the poor animal.

The phrase "Pop! Goes the weasel." in terms of conflict resolution describes the effortless humiliation of another person.

The phrase does not refer to a fight being fair or not.

You could use this phrase to comment a situation in which you owned.
Casey get's into an fight with Josh. Now it seems that Josh has quite an unfair advantage because of his upper body strength and nutrition. Yet as Case lands a powerful kick in his ball sack, Josh collapses and cries like a baby. Casey comments : "pop goes the weasel"

(Well, not because she whacked his weasel but because it was quite effortless, you know.)
by S.Sinclair August 4, 2013
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Its when you're getting head and you cum in her mouth without any prior warning.
I was getting head and came in this girl's mouth without making a sound. She said "What the hell" and I yelled

"Pop goes the weasel bitch!!"
by Swarjin October 8, 2009
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A game where your mom or dad will randomly begin to whistle the "Pop goes the weasel" tune at any given moment queuing you and all of your siblings to run and hide. The first one to get caught gets a whipped with a belt...this is the only way to end the game. Imagine hide and go seek with a belt.
"Is that pop goes the weasel i'm hearing? Shanelle run!"
by Vespaman June 5, 2016
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Historically a childhood game with a catchy little tune but the more au courant reference is to the band of gutless and treasonous weasels in the Trump Administration who are getting popped by their own greed, one by one.
Every night as I’m watching the news I can hear the familiar “Pop Goes the Weasel“ tune playing in my mental background.
by Dr Bunnygirl November 6, 2019
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When two guys take turns sucking each other off. They both must be in sitting positions facing each other before one bends down to take a suck then POPS back up while the other goes down for a suck. They continue alternating until satisfied. (Weaseling for short).
My partner and I don’t like 69ing but enjoy pleasing each other simultaneously so we do pop-goes-the-weasel.
by JustTip October 15, 2021
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