Alden is Alden. His motives are unknown
Oh! Theres Alden!
by Gelatenousfelines888 March 17, 2019
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Alden is a boy that is really dirty minded. He’s amazing, amazing, and amazing. He’s really funny to talk to. Alden is also adorable and fucking sweet.
Look it’s Alden (::::
by Pipininiy June 9, 2019
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A relatively rare English surname, that is sometimes used as a given name. The given name means "old friend" while the surname means "old-town" or "old-hill." It is of Saxon locality. A well known person who had this surname is John Alden, a pilgrim on the Mayflower. A good surname because it's not too long, isn't ethnic, and isn't too plain/common.
Random person: What's your last name?
Me: Alden.
Random person: Nice surname. Is it pronounced AL-den or ALL-den?
Me: ALL-den.
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Alden is a common name for a surperior to the human race. He is godly and is better than you. If you have a girlfriend, you shallith be robbed of her, and she will instantly fall for him. Next time you see him, down, you mortal...
You: “Hey, is that Alden?”
Your sister who you are dating: “Yes”
You: Frickinfricker, I just started dating you...”
Your sister who you are dating: “Oh well, I’m leaving you,”
by MeButImBetterThanYou February 28, 2019
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The Best of theBest the finest of the finest.
A smart boy and the best friend I have known
Alden da best
by Bobstone April 2, 2019
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The sexiest man with th biggest penis
Man, that alden. What a great guy!
by Blue44 December 5, 2017
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is so hot ... i guess it runs in the family ... has the hottest cousin
by Anonymous May 27, 2003
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