The Roblox Twitter Community, also known as RTC. A collective of Twitter users "banded together" from ROBLOX. Various people in this community.
The RTC.
by ModifiedBlox April 7, 2015
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RTC in regards to fanfiction or novels is an acronym that means Review To Come.
Loved this story! RTC!
by VairaSmythe November 21, 2018
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Residential treatment center.
A step down from an inpatient unit, but still restricted freedoms. Treatments vary but are generally for behavioral health or addiction. Some facilities are nice, others can be straight up abusive
Katie: "Where the hell have you been? You just dropped off the face of the world one day!"

Emily: "I got gooned and sent to an RTC. I didn't know until I got there myself."
by Transrights September 9, 2019
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"Real True Christian," or the small group of American conservative fundamentalists who insist that they speak for all Christians.
RTC: Christians oppose marriage equality!

Liberal Christian: Not my church. I think you mean RTCs oppose marriage equality.
by notRTC September 12, 2010
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RTC is an abbreviation for the Navy's Recruit Training Command also known as "boot camp" in Great Lakes, ILL. Recruits will spend 1 week for processing and another 8 weeks for training. RTC is basically the sailorization, or the process of turning a Navy recruit in to a Sailor.
Hey man I just got back from MEPS and I leave for RTC 20070829.

I just graduated RTC it wasn't to bad, battlestations was hard but fun.
by ABH KP May 4, 2007
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The way all the hip N. Va kids abbreviate Reston Town Center.

Also known as Reston, TC, or Town Center.
Hey, wanna hit RTC tonight?
by Callie April 17, 2004
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R = Rollin'
T = Twenty (20)
C = Crips

Rollin' 20 Crips - RTC

One of the two main crip gangs in Long Beach, California.
When Snoop says "I rep the RTC" he aint talking about RoTC "Reserve Officer Training Corps" ;P
by street sweeper October 2, 2005
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