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He a fucking water bender that will kill you with a god damn water bottle
by PixelAids November 16, 2018
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Caden is a pretty lit person, usually cute and all the girls want him. All girls like Caden but refuse to admit it, the girl he likes says she doesn’t like him but secretly likes him. Caden can be really shy but around friends he is really outgoing. And Caden usually plays sports and all the girls love him
Man that guy is Caden
by Love of life May 31, 2019
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Caden is a loyal, sarcastic one of a kind guy. Usually one of many children, typically brothers only. but is humble... at times. Wears glasses and plays sports. Usually basketball and baseball but is willing to try everything. Biggest heart out there and is someone you don’t let go of. Great listener. Typically has Brown hair and is known for their height.
Wow Caden is coming over! You know well have a good time!
by heyitstherightlife December 01, 2019
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is a popular guy, very athletic pushes himself over the limits, his name comes from Ireland and Scotland. His name means spirit of battle.

a very weird guy that's really nice.

lots of friends, mostly guys.
by forever ya bae January 10, 2015
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amazing person. Loves to joke around all the time. Has one of the best smiles ever. Will do anything for you, easily make everyone smile or laugh. Friends with everyone, and everyone loves him. He may be kind gross headed but its funny sometimes. Can be like a brother to you and will treat you like a queen if you date him. He never goes back on his words
by sammylovessushi March 11, 2019
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The most perfect person in the entire universe. They're always kind and will always remind you how much they love you. They're awkward when they first meet you but once they get to know you they're super cute. They also have the best smile
"Dude have you seen Caden"

"Yeah they're so cute"
by Stab-me January 03, 2017
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Caden is that one guy that is kinda awkward/quiet but really the fucking nicest person you meet and has friends in every single clique and if he ever needs something someone will do it cause he is nice to everyone. He is also the guy that will help all the girls in his class only to later go home with them and then “tutor” them with his 8” ruler.
Guy: Oh look it’s Caden.
Girl: Hey Caden can you help me after school with something?
Caden: sure
Guy: Man Caden is such a stud, I wish I was like him.
by Thatoneblackboi May 10, 2019
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