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is a popular guy, very athletic pushes himself over the limits, his name comes from Ireland and Scotland. His name means spirit of battle.

a very weird guy that's really nice.

lots of friends, mostly guys.
by forever ya bae January 10, 2015
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The most perfect person in the entire universe. They're always kind and will always remind you how much they love you. They're awkward when they first meet you but once they get to know you they're super cute. They also have the best smile
"Dude have you seen Caden"

"Yeah they're so cute"
by Stab-me January 03, 2017
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Cute as hell. Sweetest lil bean you'll ever meet. You'll obviously love him bc he's perfect and who wouldn't. He has an amazing smile even though he denies it like 24/7. He has vv pretty eyes and v soft hair. He's the sweetest bby ever tbh.
That Caden kid is Daddy af
by TotallyNotMady June 27, 2017
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A Funny & Hot boy who loves to pen tap all the time in class. Everyone likes to have him as a friend, and is friends with the popular kids. He is kind, and is athletic! c;
Caden is so funny!
by Anonymous Jane doe May 20, 2017
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Somebody who is very attractive. Has a IQ of 337 and beats you in pokemon. Born on 420 and started getting chicks in the hospital, he got a small loan of a million dollars and turned it into 14 trillion and took over the USA and kicked Bill Clinton out. He know keeps secret as his plan "illinati" (Different Spelling to be secret) to take over the world, he currently controls United Nations. He Balls have the same circumference as the milky way and is longer than Andromeda. If you mess with them he will swack at you and leaving you blind due to his ball's beauty. Has hunky man abs and can run faster than the Flash. he is believe to be the 21st greek god as he shoots lightning out of his balls. He is very charitable and sexier than George Clooney. He as 1 girlfriend only because the others drool. He created MLG to fuc more beeches, he gets all the booty. He scared Chuck Norris by flinching his eyebrow and beat Rocky with his big toe. As a baby he swung his balls at the plateau in China creating the Himalayas. He secretly has the force and lives a double life on Tatoonie and Dagobah. He beat world champions at MTG by tapping his land because the opponents knew what was up. His if he lays flat on Arizona He creates the Rockies with his sick abs. Someone once got indented so hard by his dick that they were flatter than hot cakes. He genes are so valuable that his sperm sells faster than hot cakes aswell. He
Lily: Daaaamn girl that guy is such a Caden, just look how hot he is
Takisha: I am gonna go ask him out, hope me the best
by HotMan420$$ August 02, 2016
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a sexy man beast that was created for the sole purpose of wooing womwn at el camino like kenzi, whom cooper cannot get. he is a man of honor greatness red backpacks and amazing eyebrows
is that caden???? DAMN HES FINE
by caden ghen February 25, 2015
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