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a person who has become mentally retarded due to the lack of expression of ones emotional turmoil or distress
Person A: So how are things with Cynthia?
Person B: Man, I know but i just don't, but maybe i'll find out if she still cares, and i just want her to be happy knowing im sad.
Person A:...What a frumptard
Person A aka "Frumptard": Sigh* (proceeds to cry like a frumptard)
by dvst8r February 07, 2011
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Someone who takes forever answering texts! Even if you ask them a question that needs to be answered right away they will still take forever to answer or not answer at all. Or someone who does not stay on topic at all and if you ask them something and then another thing they will totally forget about what you were talking about in the first place. Also someone who just answers with a tongue face (:P) to a HUGE conversation you were just having. Also Known As: someone just being a jerk.
*Example 1*
Person 1: Hey, when are you coming back to visit?
(2 hours later....)
Person 2: Umm... i dont know..
Person 1: Really? It took you that long to just say i dont know...? You are a frumptard..
(3 hours later...)
Person 2: What?
Person 1: Nevermind..
(Doesnt text them anymore..)
*Example 2*
Person 1: When are you going to the party?
Person 2: 9 i think.
Person 1: Are you going with anyone?
Person 1: Are you taking anything?
Person 2: A couple drinks.
Person 1: Ok. What about the other thing i asked..?
Person 2: What?
Person 1: I asked you something..?
Person 2: You did...?
Person 1: -_- nevermind.. you are such a frumptard.
*Example 2*
Person 1: I dont know if i should move to another place cuz im really sick of it here and everyone doesnt get anything..
Person 2: I would just get out if i were you..
Person 1: Should i though? like this is just making me miserable and i just dont know what to do..
Person 2: :P
Person 1: Stop being a frumptard!!
by 20Meh20 September 28, 2011
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