An apologist is someone who argues in defense of a controversial truth, usually but not always associated with Christianity.
During slave times in the United States, an apologist would defend that slavery was all right, by citing portions of the bible where God's favorites owned slaves.
by ESLTeacher January 26, 2017
One who practises the art of making excuses for things they know to be wrong. From the word "appal", "appalling".
Christian apologists say that slavery is morally justifiable because the Bible says slavery is acceptable.
by CJ Dennis September 1, 2020
One of those annoying douches who apologizes before saying something horribly offensive, ignorant, or demeaning to you. The apology is supposed to make it nicer somehow--or they're attempting to be PC (which is annoying as well).

These type of people also lose credibility on their beliefs since it conveys less confidence about their beliefs.
I'm sorry, but I think you're going to Hell for not being baptized.

I'd like to apologize in advance but I think you're a huge, worthless douchebag.

Quit being an apologist.
by Tzeentch May 26, 2007
A portmanteau of 'apology' and 'logistics'. In essence, apologistics occurs when operations (esp. military operations) are so badly run that they require a senior official to say 'sorry'.
'Do you think anyone will say sorry for phony wars?'
'You mean say sorry for their refusal to work out an exit strategy prior to bumbling in like the Three Stooges?'
'Not bloody likely, guvnah. Those guys aren't into apologistics.'
by rxnxr October 1, 2009
Someone who holds celebrities in such a high regard that they believe they can do no wrong. When the celebrity does do wrong, the apologist defends the celebrity.
"Can you believe that #famous_person said that!?"
"He's just exercising his freedom of speech, and he probably just said it to get attention."
"What are you some kind of celebrity apologist?"
by Rhym November 18, 2016
A cop apologist is a person, usually a Statist, who, no matter what a cop does, no matter how bad and unreasonable their actions are. A cop apologist will defend their actions no matter what. They, like cops themselves, think that the police are royalty and above the law and they think that cops should be able to do whatever they want no matter what the situation is. They also think that people should just comply to cops or whatever even though people are not obligated to. They also think it's bad for people to stand up for their rights to a cop even though they have every right to do so.
Regular person: That cop just shot a kid while the kid was holding a Wii remote.

Cop apologist: That Wii remote could have been a gun, I think the cop's action is justified.

Regular person: Really? If you can't tell the difference between a Wii remote and a gun, you must be mentally retarded or a special kind of stupid and shouldn't even be a cop.
by Paperplates2 March 7, 2014
someone who supports the character of wilbur soot from dreamSMP, no matter what he does in the lore plot.
"i'm a wilbur apologist - He's the best character even though he blew up l'manburg
by 221BSherlock March 14, 2021