An Air Force slut. Particularly used by personnel from other branches of the US armed forces for a female airman who has sex with a lot of people from other branches of the armed forces.
SSgt Slatternly did a train of 15 Marines last weekend!

What a fuckin' air mattress!
by ex-phase-shark December 4, 2007
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flight attendant - refers to slut potential of jobs which involve travel
"the stewardess has a guy in every city - what an air mattress"
by stendhalismo April 7, 2005
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A term regarding the sex of people who are 'just friends' at a slumber party or sleepover party.

The term originally described the mattress these people would sleep on, but now more generally describes the practice of two friends having sex while retaining the image of being just friends.

The term was originally coined by Conor Oberst and the Mystic Valley Band in their song Air Mattress.
Jenny and Craig slept on the air mattress last night.

Dave: "Craig man, you and Jenny are sleeping on an air mattress? NICCEE"
by Vitus17 October 13, 2009
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Air mattress Ashley is a blown out girl your man cheats with while you look like King size luxury mattress.
Why do guys like to cheat with roast beef, air mattress Ashley??”
by SavageSkidmark December 23, 2022
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When you run upstairs and have lightning fast sex with your boyfriend while the houseguest uses the bathroom.

Houseguest: "where are you guys?"

Boyfriend: "just setting up your air mattress!"
Hurry up, let's go set up the air mattress - we only have 4 minutes!
by odie74 June 28, 2017
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