The terrible place that all the guys who are too pussy to ask girls out go.
Guy 1: "Dude, Alex has to ask that girl out or else he's gonna get friendzoned"

Guy 2: "I know bro, that kid has no balls."
by darealjesus January 20, 2015
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Brendamn Robbins
If you are bren then you are in the friend zoneand or guardian zone and you are living the life of loneliness and solitary.
via giphy
by Nosorrybestfriend December 03, 2016
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Isn't a real thing
A: Remember that girl I was gonna hook up with? Now I am in Friendzone...
B: Why do I keep hearing voices? Maybe it's time to see a doctor
by Patric Peterson February 09, 2020
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Friendzone: Pronounced FREHND-zown
The Friendzone is a relationship where one (usually the male) is pursuing sexual interest towards the female, who insists on a non-sexual relationship.
To be friend zoned: (Verb) When a male is told by the female that she is not interested in sexual activity and never was; this usually brings devastating and heartbreaking results to the male; who was in the relationship just for the hope of getting laid.
Aw man, she totally friendzoned you! No sex tonight!

Yeah, I put him in the Friendzone because he was fantasizing us having sex or whateves, I don't know, he just made it more than it ever was.
by Miss Anonymous Jane Doe February 18, 2017
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A thing that is traumatic for mostly guys. It’s when you find out you crush ONLY thinks of you as a friend, by this point you’ve fallen to the friendzone. But the only thing worse, is the brother/sisterzone, this is when your crush states that you are like a brother or sister to them. By this point, there is no long trek out of the zone. All you can do is move the fuck on and get a girl that likes you for who you are.
Boy: hey, I’ve been thinking about you, about us, I’d like to be something more
Girl: like besties?

Girl: ya know Archie, you are like a brother to me...
-boy’s thoughts-
Aphrodite: you can’t...
by WikiDicky May 21, 2018
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Some obscure place where you are sent when nobody loves you back. Full of spiders and dangers. Not cool at all.
Dan: Karen, I love u
Karen: Sorry Dan, I dont love you back (sad face) But we can be frie-
((Then an interdimensional door opens))
Dan: (falling into the dark) Oh well, it seems like I'm falling into the friendzone
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