Some obscure place where you are sent when nobody loves you back. Full of spiders and dangers. Not cool at all.
Dan: Karen, I love u
Karen: Sorry Dan, I dont love you back (sad face) But we can be frie-
((Then an interdimensional door opens))
Dan: (falling into the dark) Oh well, it seems like I'm falling into the friendzone
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the distance between you and your crush that defines being friendzoned the distance is 3m or 9"11
james: bruh u in the friendzone get closer to her
jimmy:yea youre right
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by doc hooi August 31, 2020
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Something that doesn't exist ffs!!! Nobody owes you ANYTHING.
Guy 1: Marie totally friendzoned me today.
Me: Shut up! Imagine thinking that being friends with someone is worse than realizing that your best friend only wanted to fuck you.

Guy 1: Hahahah she left you in the friendzone.
Guy 2: Lol calm down, that doesn't even exist! If she only wants to be friends, I respect her right to say no. U r a total jerk.
by Guy.928 October 21, 2017
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