A play on the Christian term Original Sin, this refers to the first friendzone. This was in 1540 when King Henry VIII was advised by Sir Thomas Cromwell to marry the Protestant Anne of Cleeves. Henry was displeased with Anne, and although the two married, the marriage was annulled in the same year. Following the annulment, Henry referred to Anne as "beloved sister of the King", which in the modern day roughly translates to "I love you, but more like a sister", a classic line in the world of friendzoning where one is unwilling to let the other down too harshly and thus says they do love them but more like a sibling rather than romantic partner. This term can be used by anyone, regardless of gender.
"I'm being friend zoned so hard. It's worse than the original friendzone."
by Hana26 August 18, 2017
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The stage of a friendzone where you cannot tell with all of your head if (s)he wants to be your boy/girlfriend or if you are their best friend forever. This goes on forever

It comes from the phrase "Buridan's ass which is a donkey that cannot decide between two equal things that are equal distances and the donkey cannot choose and therefore dies of hunger.
Dude I am in Buridan's Friendzone. Can you tell if she likes me or not?

Guys that are very bad at reading girls are often in Buridan's Friendzone
by dogroastias December 02, 2016
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Friend zoning someone so that it doesn't hurt the person asking out the guy/girl in the process
"I Mercy-Friendzoned this guy last night because he didn't know what he was getting into with me"
by Johhnyboy.30-06 February 21, 2016
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This version of the friend zone is just what it sounds like, meaning that a girl (Preferably) is friends with a guy to the point where she only cuddles and tell feelings occasionally but never protrudes the question to engage in sexual intercourse or an intense make-out session.
The Strong Majority of females Teddy Bear Friendzone guys because they want to be able to touch something while they talk about their parents than the wall or a blank Tv.
by Grumpy Gril'la November 19, 2017
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