The friendzone is a place, nobody likes to be in. In the blink of an eye, the girl or man of your dreams, places you in an bubble, where it is unpossible for you to start a serious relationship. This is probably the hardes hitting bonercrusher you will ever experience. But no worries, happens to everyone.
Sorry I dont want do be in a relationship with you, can u just go into my "Friendzone" ?

Dude, she doesnt want to have you as a boyfriend. You just landet in the "Friendzone".
by Creeperslayer69xxLP August 26, 2019
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The absolute horror of having to be friends of someone of the opposite sex instead of having sex with them.

People who use this are in no way patheic losers who only see people of the opposite sex for their value and use to them, to the point where unless that person sees them romantically and sexually attractive, they are useless to them.
Person A: Ugh, Tiffany put me in the friendzone.
Person B: Thats Ok. She seems like a genuinely interesting and fun person.
Person A: But she won't have sex with me.
Person B: But doesn't she have more value than that? Shes an actual human being. Why is it so horrible that she wants to be friends?
Person A: Because since I want to have sex with her, she cant possibly have any value to me outside of that. People can't possibly have relationships just because you like a fellow human being and have respect for them.
Person B: Oh yeah you're right.
by HereWeGoAgain86 October 22, 2019
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It's like not getting the job and the owner calls you everyday saying how bad of a job the guy they hired is doing
me : He f*cking friend zoned me

Friend : I'm sorry :(

Crush : she's so mean to me and never has time for me and always says she's with her friends but then I call her friends and they say "I thought she was with you "
Me: you could always dump her and date me ...
Crush :haha your so funny . That's why we're friends.
Me: Hahaha I know

Me on the inside : I love you why can't you see it you retard and I could treat you better then she can and any guy like you deserve a kind woman but you little retarded fuck can't see it :(
by Sarah_e_t_w_ July 19, 2017
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When a man attempts to get a girlfriend (or boyfriend) by first being their friend, then hoping to transition that to being their boyfriend. After they've been their friend for a while with no sexual tension being built up, he asks her out, with her saying something along the lines of "I don't think of you that way and I don't want to jeopardize what we have."
The people who've experienced this are almost-exclusively men who don't have many social skills, especially with romance. Many of them have had few (if any) sexual partners, very little self-esteem, not much confidence, a lot of anxiety, and possibly some minor depression (if not severe), which is WHY they have so few social skills.
It's only made worse by the fact that a LOT of women who say "a guy said I friend-zoned him" don't really try to HELP him. Saying you're not interested is one thing, but GENUINELY trying to understand why he's so hurt by that and figuring out ways to help him get a girlfriend is another.

The unspoken aspect of this is that this usually occurs when a modest-looking man tries to attract a more-attractive woman using their personality, since they wouldn't be able to if they just used their looks.
To be fair, women DO put higher importance on personality than men do, and it usually DOES overpower looks in importance, so there's nothing wrong with a guy trying to get a more-attractive woman using his personality, but application of that is very complex.
Joshua: "Is that *band shirt/book/food/anything like that*? *Band/book/food/whatever's being referenced* is amazing! I love *band/book/food/etc.*!"
Emmi: "I know, right? You're the first person I've seen get so animated about it!"

***Joshua hasn't said anything that would make Emmi think he finds her attractive-- like being specific about something he likes about her face or body or saying how cute she is in a clever way, or even saying outright that she's sexy-- and hasn't for months.***

Joshua: "So, Ems... I know you've been talking a lot about how lonely you've been over the last few months and how bored you are on the weekends now cuz' you've got nothing to do, so would you like to go on a date with me this Saturday?"
Emmi: "Oooh... Wow... Josh, look, I love you and your one of my besties, and I mean we have so much in common, but I just... I really don't think I can do that. I'm sorry. I don't think that would be a good idea."
Joshua: "... Did you just fucking friend zone me?"
by 681681 August 18, 2017
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The state of a relationship between a girl and the guy who is perfect for her in every single way and who would most definitely make her the happiest woman on Earth but only gets to be friends with her because she only goes for guys with abs or rich dads. Yeah... Girls can be air-headed bitches.
Guy 1: Did you actually write down everything she ever said looks nice or wanted since the day you met her and got her everything you can afford from that list on her birthday.

Guy 2: Yes totally broke lol but it was worth it you should've seen how she smiled when she saw what i did.

Guy 1: you totally got out of the friend zone didn't you

Guy 2: she told me how exciting it was to have sex with her boyfriend in her room with all the things i got her and how they made her feel safe.

Guy 1: The Guy never called her again tho

Guy 2: So she's single ? great go for it man

Guy 1: I think she likes the guys' rich gym friend now

Guy 2: dude kill yourself seriously that's the only way your getting out of the friend zone .
by urbanson July 25, 2017
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When someone tells you they want to just be friends after they find out you like them
Boy 1: happy birthday! So I know you like me but I think we should just be friends (friend zone)

Girl 1: oh okay that’s cool
Girl 1: *walks away heartbroken*
by Guess who bihhh December 04, 2018
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