A member of a rare and dying race
Friend : Guess who isn't a virgin anymore!!!!!

Me: You are TWELVE
by Minigriff January 9, 2018
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1) Someone who has not had sex
2) A type of olive oil
3) A version of an alcoholic drink with no alcohol in it
Guy: So, are you a virgin?
Girl: I've literally fucked the entire football team.

Shopper: What kind of olive oil do you guys have?

Employee: We sell virgin and extra virgin.
Shopper: What's the difference?

Employee: Virgin's more acidic, and extra virgin has a more rigorous production methods.

Patron: Excuse me waiter, could I get a virgin hard lemonade?
Waiter: So... lemonade?
by Helios8170 May 19, 2018
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(noun) A clean, unused hypodermic syringe received from a reliable source.
Before Mike could seriously get busy with his latest investment he had to bum a virgin off of Gus, whom he knew had thousands.
by Nikki Stixx October 18, 2019
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Someone who still has their virginity....if you want me to narrow it down even more----SOMEONE WHO HAS NOT HAD SEX YET

Reasons that someone might still be a Virgin:

1) Scared
2) just not ready for it
3) waiting til marriage for religious reasons
4) has no sex drive
5) not good around the opposite sex

For most virgins like myself, we are VERY horny daily resulting in frequent masturbation, porn watch( not just boys.its us girls, too), constant grinding at parties, and wet panties ( for boys, it would be trousers or boxers)
Im suprised im still a virgin, girl.

Im a horny virgin.

Virgins are slowly becoming extinct.....
by alove0316 November 16, 2008
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A smart person that's never fu¢ed up their lives going at it with a jerk, they'll break up with in a month.
by Anonymouse🐀 December 16, 2018
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