to regard something or somebody with respect,approval or pleasure.
i admire him for his compassion for animals.
by soujanya July 12, 2005
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an interesting character from the far-away country of Bosnia. You will most likely encounter one of these creatures on a bus. A school bus. He enjoys various illegal and legal substances and interacting with other Admirs, however rare they may be. He is extremely sweet and veeery attractive. Share a smoke with him and he may very well become a friend, or even more.
Rachel: Woah, look at that guy!
Kyle: Oh that's Admir.
Rachel: I like him!
Kyle: Doesn't everybody?
by yournameheregirl June 22, 2010
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The man is standing while doing the woman from behind (she is on hands and knees). The man pulls her arms out from beneath her, causing her face to lay on the carpet, then proceeds to run her around the room, causing rug burn.
Jenny has 3rd degree rug burns from the Admiral.
by unknown March 2, 2005
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While doing a girl doggy-style, move around the room without using her/your hands to steer. Movement is produced by excessive humpage.
Guy 1: I did the admiral to Stacy for 3 hours last night.
Guy 2: Fall over ?
Guy 1: Yep.
by Nick Melotte December 3, 2005
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(n)(sexual)- A male is doing a female from behind. Both are standing and the male is not using his hands so that every pelvic thrust causes the female to be propeled forward some. When the male can move the female arount the room without hitting any furniture he is an "admiral."
Of course Tracy and I had a great time last night... I made Admiral.
by quasimodo April 15, 2003
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1. The state of being admired.

2. Having respect for someone or something.
Her admiration respect for musicians came about when she tried learning guitar.
by The incongruous strange man January 5, 2014
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The highest rank in many modern naval forces.
That seaman was an admiral.
by Nicolaivich January 19, 2004
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