When someone of the opposite sex does not find you appealing enough to be in a relationship, so they instead prefer to be "just friends". This is called the friendzone, probably because you're too good to be not friends, but not good enough to be in a relationship. You're in that "zone". Getting friendzoned is the act of getting rejected for a date by the person you felt love for, and for them to then suggest a general friendship. You shouldn't use the word seriously, it makes you sound needy. Use it as a joke.
Person 1: I've known Britney for awhile, im going to go ask her out.

Person 2: well then, prepare to get friendzoned!
by Anal confetti December 14, 2016
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You're an average guy, nice, intelligent, funny, with great wit, you care about other people, whether they are strangers, friends or lovers. You try not to behave like a self-centered idiot and the last thing you would ever do is hurting a woman.

Do you match those criteria? Well if you do, you'll soon learn the definition of this word! Your crush will date a lousy self-centered prick and you'll have the honor to be the support shoulder when she realizes how bad he treats her and complains about how awful her life is, wondering why every guy she dates turns out to be a complete moron.
Getting friendzoned:
Her: "how you're such a sweetie you're nice and caring, you support me in my most difficult moments, but you know you're like a brother to me there's nooo way we can be more than friends but for me that's more important than lovers! <3"
You: ...

Guessing what your role will be as a friendzoned guy:
Her: "wow OMG I've met a really nice guy he got such an amazing car and he's sooo good-looking chiseled muscles and all he's swag plus he seems to reeaaally like me! <3"
You: ... ... ...
by Averagemonkey2441 June 3, 2013
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friendzoned is basically a preemptive rejection where people get too comfortable with someone and see them as only a special conversation/sharing info partner 'a friend' and unconsciously reject the person as a sexual opportunity and would be shocked and appalled if that was brought up
1)Becky shares too much with me. She told me how she comes on to people, then did those actions towards me, then when I asked her about it, she said she did not notice and told me she saw me as a friend. Got Friendzoned.

2)Susan makes out with lots of guys. You try to be the next one. You start talking with her a lot. You make a sexual joke about you two hooking up. She tells you she does not have a lot of male friends and wants to be friends with you. Got Friendzoned
by Jerry Kinear February 19, 2011
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When the person you like doesn't like you back, but it's worse. This person treats you as a friend, so even though you every time you hang out with this person, you want to make out with them and stick your tongue down their throat, you have to resist because you might lose them as a friend.

This phrase came from the show Friends. Joey told Ross that Rachel likes him, but will never like like him. That he is in this 'friend zone.'
"Dude, I just spent hours texting her trying to make her feel better ever since Pete broke up with her and you know what she told me? 'Why can't I find a guy like you?'"

"Sorry, man. You're totally FRIENDZONED!
by Walter Melon June 5, 2013
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When someone decides you're no longer a dating option a completly non-sexual person like their brother or a lamp.
Bob: man she's a dime
Luke: yeah she's got a boyfriend though
Bob: I'm still going for it
Luke: Dave watch this should be good

Dave: if she doesn't slap him he's Friendzoned for sure!
by Ginger who's not a ginger October 17, 2013
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For guys:
When she tells you that you aren't like other guys (or that you don't count).

That you're nicer, sweeter, more caring. You don't judge and aren't gross and perverted.
And that you are on a different wave length.
But, she would never consider dating you.
When she says, "You're not a guy, but you're still a boy. A boy is a boy. A guy is a boy who I'd date"
It is the worst thing to do to a guy.

The next level is brotherzoned
1."You're not a guy, but you're boy. A boy is a boy. A guy is a boy who I'd date"

*So I'm being friendzoned?*

2."You're like my brother"

*So worse than friendzoned?!*

3."Yeah, you're friendzoned. You're great, but I'd never date you"
by Abbé Busoni April 13, 2013
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Where you get rejected from going out on a date and become friends with the person you want to go out with.
by 21 leet 69 1337 February 13, 2015
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